The H-Man

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There is a local legend about a campsite in upstate New York.

Story goes that, there is a man they call "the H-Man" who lives out in the woods near the campsite.

One year, a group of Boy Scouts were camping out there and one of the boys went missing.

They didn't find him until they started packing up to go home. He was dead under one of the mattresses with an "H" carved into his chest, the calling card of H-Man.

Growing up , all of us kids were terrified of the H-Man.

They said if you go exploring deep enough into the woods, you can find his home.

Well, there is an abandoned house deep in the woods that some people found one time.

Creepy thing was, there were no roads leading to it, no paths leading to it.

Just a single abandoned house... in the middle of the woods.

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