•I N T E R V E I W•✨ (1997)

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(Alicia's point of view)
Today is the day,Today is the day when I let the whole world know the truth! This thing called love isn't no fairytale! Devante and I had been through it throughout the years. I'm sick of this shit! I'm done with him but when I meet up for this interview I'm telling it all!

Alicia said writing in her pink journal.

✨•(Phone Rings) •✨

Alicia-Damn who is it now!

✨•(Alicia picks up the phone)•✨

Alicia-Hello ?

Devante-Look I am sorry for what happened a couple of days ago I just-

Alicia-Just what! Save it for the wind and I hope all that shit blows back on you bye!

✨•(Phone call ended)•✨

Alicia-He makes me sick! Im running late shit!

She said putting on her heels stumbling out the door. Alicia walked out her condo she bought after her and Devante's final break up.

She get's into her car and drive off to "Nicks Radio Station" for her interview.

📻 Nicks Radio Station 📻
Nick-So who do we have here today?

Alicia-My name is Alicia Degrate, Mostly known as Devante Swing's wife but better known as Licia Lashay the most fabulous model/actress!

Nick-Yes Honey! So how have you and pretty boy have been doing good?

Alicia- hmm pretty boy? Or what that pretty boy is hiding?

Nick-What do you mean? Y'all been the hottest couple since 91' what could possibly be wrong with being married to the one and only behind that wonderful work of the music of Jodeci?

Alicia-Look I came here today to let the world know that I had most bad times with Devante than the goodtimes!

Nick-Like what? You done spilled some tea! Let it all spill!


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