Tour Bus Kink

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Laying down in my bunk after a long show, my hands are tired and my body feels weak. I hear the voice of angel, as they walk past me, I can see the veins on the muscular arm. I want to reach out and grab it, but I don't. I can't do that. We've been friends for so long, it would be weird to tell him how I long for his strong body to be next to mine.
Just then I realize we are alone in our bus. I peak my head out to see him shirtless, *god he looks so good*. In that moment he turned around and caught me in my daze. My hands shake from nerves. *This is it.  He knows*
"You good bro?" He said with a laugh.
"Ya I'm good," I wish I could tell him how I feel.
"So I've been thinking," he playfully nods off, as he approaches me my heart starts to pound. *could this be the moment?*
He rests his perfect hands on my arm.
"I've been wanting to talk to you about something."
I can't even breathe at this point, my head is spinning, I pull him in and kiss him. When I pull away from his soft flawless lips, I see him smile.
"Well that talk went better than I thought," he smirked.
When begin kissing again, I feel him pulling at my shirt begging to take it off. I guess there's no going back, I've wanted this for so long.
"Wait, where is everyone else," I mutter worried someone would walk in.
"It's fine, they are gone for the evening," he responds with a devilish grin.
He yanks off his belt as he ushers me out of my bunk.  We kiss more passionately as I feel him tie my hands together behind my back.
"Now I get to punish you for waking me up early all those mornings," he spoke as he pulled my pants down.
He kissed down my neck, I couldn't help to let out a moan. He let out a light laugh, "I figured you'd like that."
He worked his way down before swinging over the mattress in my bunk. I almost couldn't believe this happening, it was all so sudden and so fast. I felt him enter inside me.
"FUCK," I moaned.
"You feel amazing," he moaned back.
This was perfect. Every thrust inside me was magic, and he was here the rest of the tour.
A few moments later he announced that he was close to finishing, he pulled out and directed me on my knees where he came on my face.
"Good boy," he let out as he pet my head, "god the purple looks so good on you."
I look up at the man of my dreams, he ushers me to stand and he brings me in to another kiss, it's your turn now. He leans me against the wall in our bus and ties up his long red hair before reaching down.
It doesn't take me long, his hands were well trained.
"I'm glad we did this," he smiles and leaves me there tied up.
"Are you gonna undo this?" I ask surprised I was still bound.
"Ya, for a little longer, I like the way you look," he smirks.

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