~27~Dance Partner~

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Draco's pov

I grumbled and waited for jaden to finish getting ready for the triwizard tournament. I was in it with Harry so she better hurry up before I get her myself.

''Done!''She stumbled downstairs.

''Damn--''I covered my mouth before I went on,she flushed and came down

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''Damn--''I covered my mouth before I went on,she flushed and came down.

''Lets go.''She held my hand as we quickly walked to the lake.

''GET READY! STARTING IN FIVE MINUTES!''The speakers roared and I covered my ears,Harry was holding something in both of his hands,he walked over and mumbled something and opened my hand and closed it after putting something in it.

''Good Luck.''Jaden said before Snape grabbing and pulling her away.

''What's this for,Potter?''I held my hand up.

''It'll help us get Jaden,Ron,Hermione and Dua.''Harry nodded as we all got in a line.


''I cant do this anymore!''Avry jumped in and Harry lept in already,grabbing her and bringing her up as avry had a mermaid tail.

''Jesus--''Harry spat water out,holding the object in his hand still.

''I got it!''Madam Pomfrey shoved through the crowd of people and gave Avry a shot in her tail and Avry was normal.

''GO!''Someone yelled as me and Harry stuffed the thing in our mouth and jumped in,I swallowed it and Harry did too as we grew sticky hands and frog feet.

I swam down,looking for Jaden cautiously.

I saw Sharks and Fish and just kept going.



Not you.


Ah! There!

I swam over too see Cedric Diggory getting Dua and Harry came over,trying to get Ron and Hermione.

I got Jaden and also got Laura,the first year girl and swam up first,Cedric lost his way and Jaden and Laura's eyes opened,Fleur getting her sister and wrapping a towel around her,thanking me as Jaden took her towel and put it around me,I shook my head,wanting her to have it but she didn't seem to listen.

''T-Thanks..''I mumbled and she kissed my cheek.

''Harry!''Avry exclaimed as he came up,him and Ron and Hermione all getting warm.

''You shouldnt of done that!''Avry growled.

''Shut it,Lynn.''Ron snapped,Harry smiling.


We got up and I held Jaden's hand,Fleur thanking me and Harry before we left and Harry and Avry and Ron and Hermione went to Gryffindor Dorms and me and Jaden went to Slytherin Dorms.

~~Two Hours Later~~

I stood and started practicing dancing for no reason.

Jaden's pov

I watched Draco dance with himself and I snuck behined him and hugged him,he blushed cutely.

''Y-You Scared M-Me.''Draco stuttered awkwardly.

''I wanted to love you.''I pecked him on the lips.

''W-What?! W-Why?''He blushed.

''Because you saved my life.''I hugged him.

''O-Oh! Yeah..No Problem.''He blushed darker.

''I'll dance with you.''I pointed out and we started to dance.

''I love you.''He whispered in my ear as we hugged.

''I love you too.''I blushed with Draco as we kissed.

Cedric's Pov

I walked back and forth in the old class room with my friends in there,watching me pace back and forth.

''What's wrong Ced?''My friend,Ginny spoke up.

''I dont know!''I yelled,Ginny shifted awkwardly.

''Sorry G.''I paused,apologizing.

''You're a mess Ced.''Sam pointed out.

''Yeah. What's up,bro?''Emilio asked.

''I have a crush on this girl,but she's way outta my league and she has a protective and hot boyfriend. ''I groaned.

'You had to pick Jaden?''Ginny grumbled.

''What's wrong with that G?''I raised an eyebrow.

''She's Harry's little Sister,she's the Slytherin queen. She's a tough one too,she beat Trent and Nicks asses. ''Ginny shrugged.

''She also killed them because she found out they were planning to kill everybody she loved.''Sam added hastily.

''I fell for her dude!''I groaned and slumped beside my three friends.

''Good luck bro.''Emilio laughed a bit before Ginny shot him a deathly glare.

''Its fine G. I'll just like you.''I sighed.

''How about Cho~Chang? The Ravenclaw?''Ginny blushed.

''Alright.''I shrugged and we all got up and went to talk to this Cho~Chang.

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