My Brothers Enemy {OH HOLD}

My Brothers Enemy {OH HOLD}

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Malfoy By ItsSavage_Gurll Updated Oct 23, 2018

You are Jaden Lilly Potter,A Hogwarts student who has been cursed by the dark lord. You are also in the same situation with Harry James Potter,the boy who lived. You go to Hogwarts and meet a handsome blonde hair boy who is extremely kind to you,but your brother,Harry,hates him and forbids you from going near him. But--that's impossible!

''Doesn't Quite,Understand me. Know what I mean?''Draco looked at the sky.

''You better not speak Harry. Or ill throw you in the pits of snapes ashes.''I growled quietly as Harry cowered back.

''Listen to the girl,Pottah.''Draco looked back slightly,grinning.

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