16 Doors (short story excerpt)

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16 Doors

I have been so fragmented I no longer know my whole self.

 It was necessary for my very survival to separate from myself, to protect myself.

I have not been a part of myself for a long time, and I’d like to keep it that way.

It’s the only way at least some of us make it from day to day.

Because I know so little about the whole of me,

I have an angel that looks out for me.

She is the keeper of all the doors

That runs along this long corridor.

I’ve learned to explain it this way so people don’t think me in sane.

This long corridor is really my mind’s lane.

 That’s my life as I know it.

But because I only know it in pieces and bits

Angel will have to tell you about the rest of it.

The parts of me I no longer associate with me.

Oh by the way, my name is Sammie.


 I am Angel, the keeper of the doors. In order to understand my host, you have to imagine a long corridor; one with 16 doors. This hallway will help you see, the distinct personalities that make up Sammie. There are 8 doors on each side, and behind each door abides a real person; not a figment of Sammie’s imagination. It had to be this way in her situation. See, whenever there was a trauma in her life her personalities would fragment and split because of the hurt and strife. The real Samantha has no memory of these perpetrations. They were closeted behind doors for her protection. And at whatever age she endured the pain that’s the age that part of her will always remain. So, I will introduce them to you one by one. They don’t all know each other, although they all exist inside one.

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