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Jaden's pov

I awoke and got texts from different people.

Draco Malfoy🐍💚: you have Potions? Can you sit with me again? Also,Trent guy is tryna hurt Blaise.

Jaden : mm,that kids gonna be dead by the time I'm done with him.

Draco Malfoy🐍💚: that's my girl. 😏

I rolled my eyes.

Blaise Zabini😝: Jaden! Trents being rude to me!
Jaden: I'm coming.

I got up and started walking to Potions,inside class I found Trent holding Blaise by the shirt and making fun of him,Draco growling.

I walked over and everybody smirked,even Blaise.

''What are you laughing about,idiot?''Trent spat,Blaise holding in his laughter and him be Draco started laughing.

''what the hell?''Trent scowled and I grinned. I put my leg between his legs and hit up,he dropped Blaise and fell to the ground,Blaise and Draco crying in laughter as Trent looked terrified. I bent down and Draco and Blaise were to busy laughing as Trent grabbed me and kissed me,Draco and Blaise finally noticed and pulled me up,my eyes flashed in anger as I kicked him a few times,punching as I took the glass of water and poured it on his head then smashed it,Trent was bleeding too much that I didn't notice that Trent fought back,he knocked me off my feet and I smacked against the floor,I growled pinned me down,everybody in class watching,Harley,the new Potions teacher,hadn't shown up yet,Avry and Harry were watching in the back. Trent started laughing as he punched me in the face a couple times until I was bloody,I punched him in the face hard enough and he rolled over,we kept hurting eachother as Harley walked in,yelling at everybody.

''BREAK IT UP!''She roared and me and Trent layed there,my lip and nose were bleeding,a black eye was starting to form and I had bruises all over me,Trent just had cuts and a bloody nose.

''POTTER,BAKOS,ZABINI,MALFOY,DUMBLEDORES OFFICE,NOW!''She screamed and we got up,I limped there and Trent walked normally. We got In and sat.

''What were y'all thinking?''Dumbledore went on.

''Sir,I only hurt Trent because he was making fun on Blaise. I was sticking up for him.''I wiped my bloody lip and Trent glared at me.

''Malfoy?''Dumbledore tilted his head down,looking at everybody through his eye.

''She's correct sir.''Draco nodded.

''Alright,Detention with Umbridge. Go right now.''Dumbledore shooed us as we slumped to her class as sat.

''Alright! There will be NO talking with each other,you will write what you did wrong 500 times. Start!''Draco didn't come but me,Blaise,and Trent sat and started writing,I paused and my hand was hurting like hell. I looked at it and there were words that looked like it was carved on there were forming.

''Ma'am,I need to leave.''I spoke up.

''Why?''She narrowed her eyes.

''Because I'm bleeding and sick?''I showed her my hand and face.

''You shall not leave.''She sat down and I stood,pointing my wand angrily.

''Excuse me?''She gasped.

''Let me go. Now.''I hissed.

''A-Alright! ''She stuttered and hid.

''Do not tell DumbleDore or we will kill you.''I threatened and she nodded as we all walked out,Trent went the other way as me and Blaise walked in Potions,Avry and Harry stared.

''Take a seat by mister Malfoy.''Professer Haley pointed and we sat,my lip was still bleeding but my nose had stopped.

She went on.

''Miss Potter,would you mind telling us what we don't do in here?''Professer Haley looked at me.

''We don't talk back to students.''I put my feet on the desk.

''Guess again.''She growled,not in the mood.

''Lieing about that you dated my father for 20 years? You liar.''I spat.

''I am certainly not! I married Professer Snape for 20 years!''She yelled.

''Then where were you when he was with me every second of my life?''I stood.

''He didn't love you,he only used you for the job!''She snapped and I glared at her.

''you bitch..''i mumbled and shoved her desk,breaking it into two as I stormed out of her class,Draco running after.

''Jaden,Stop.''He grabbed my arm and I jerked around.

''What?!''I glared at him.

''You're better than her. You have me,Blaise,Harry,Avry,Neville,Hermione,Ron.''Draco reminded.

''Thanks Malfoy,''I sighed quietly.

''You'll hopefully be Malfoy too one day.''Draco held my hand and I blushed,kissing him.

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