The Outfit

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As the shorter girl through the halls, Lauren could feel herself getting hard at the sight. Camila's firm ass bouncing up and down, her hips swaying with each step, the innocent side ponytail, her taut abs being shown off.

Honestly, Lauren was proud of herself for managing to prevent a tent situation. ICamila stopped to drink from a water fountain, and just as she got up to continue her prancing, Lauren grabbed her and dragged her into the janitor's closet.

"W-what the-oh, Lauren...."Lauren looked down at her outfit, suddenly very aware of what she was wearing. "H-h-hey baby, how's your day going?" she asked softly. She went to button her shirt more to hide some cleavage but the brunette slapped her hand away.

"What the fuck is this?!" Lauren snapped angrily. Camila winced at her girlfriend's tone. Lauren's sunglasses were still on which made it damn near impossible for Camila to gauge her girlfriend's emotions.

"'s just...well..." Camila stuttered.

"Answer me right fucking now, Camila.This isn't funny."

Camila bit her lip and looked down at her outfit again. She knew Lauren had a thing for knee socks...and short skirts...and well, every other tiny detail of the school girl outfit. "I just wanted to feel sexy..." Camila whispered.

Lauren raised an eyebrow and stepped closer to the shorter girl. "Baby, you're so fucking sexy it actually hurts sometimes," the brunette husked, pushing her hard member into Camila's thigh. "I saw you today and got hard so fast for you, Camila. You know how fucking hot you look right now?" Camila blushed and shook her head. "I love this naughty school girl thing, but not in front of the whole school. This," Lauren whispered, gesturing her fingers at Camila's body, "this is all mine, I don't want these dipshits seeing what I get to fuck every day."

"I'm sorry, Lauren."

"Damn straight you're sorry, you should know better than to go prancing around like a little porn slut." Camila nodded meekly as Lauren smirked. "I think I need to teach you a lesson." Camila looked up, confused.

"Baby, we're in school, I have class next period. Can't we just wait till after school?" Camila protested. Lauren grabbed Camila's hand and brought it to her hard crotch, wrapping her hand around her stiff dick.

"Nuh-uh. Tell your teacher something came up and you had to take care of it," Lauren growled. Camila opened her mouth to protest, but Lauren glared at her sternly. "That wasn't a question." The green eyed girl reached under the little school-girl skirt and pulled down Camila's thong. "I think I'm gonna hold on to these, you want to be a filthy bitch and show yourself off to the world? Fine. But you show them everything then," she hissed. Camila whimpered as she watched Lauren tug her pants down a bit, enough to get her cock out. She held it firmly and ran the head up and down Camila's dripping slit.

"You've been so bad, Camzie." The shorter girl nodded helplessly and moaned. "You've been so bad, you're gonna get fucked raw and thank me when I cum in you, understand?" Camila nodded again. "You answer when I talk to you, slut."

"Yes, Lauren I'll say thank you," she panted, getting wetter at Lauren's teasing.

"Why will you thank me? Say it for me." Lauren demanded.

"Because good sluts say thank you for getting filled with cum," Camila whimpered, repeatedly pushing her hips down to meet Lauren's dick.

"Shit, look at you, humping my cock. Tell me you want me," Lauren growled.

"I want you s-so bad, baby, so fuckin bad. Fill me up, baby, show me you own me," Camila keened. Lauren held her cock and guided it into Camila's dripping sex, slowly pushing in inch by inch. "Fuuuuuuck yessss," Lauren hissed. Her head dropped back, and she smirked arrogantly as she pulled out almost completely, leaving only her bulbous head inside Camila's wet pussy as Camila moaned out for more.

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