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Pen Your Pride

Sorry for the long wait but school holidays are finally here and exams are over! So i'm able to write and hopefully upload more! :) Hope you enjoy and pretty, pretty please vote and comment! LOVE YOU ALL <3<3

Chapter 5:

 “Hey Elle the party is starting soon, you might want to start getting ready” Noah warned me. I lifted my head off my pillow and glanced at the clock on my bedside table and saw it was 3 o’clock. We had to leave just before 5 since we had to pick up Sky and my other cousin Alex who were getting a lift with Noah and I. Pulling myself up off the bed I placed the ‘Hunger Games’ novel, I made my way into the bathroom where I stepped under the hot water letting it run over my tired body. It had been a long week filled with lots of studying for the exams that seemed to be creeping up on us, I rolled my shoulders freeing my tense muscles as I washed my body with the vanilla scented scrub. Using my strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner I massaged it into my hair making sure it was silky smooth before I stepped out of the shower.

I dried myself off and went through the usual procedures of moisturizing and plucking before returning to my room. I was dressed in just my bra and undies with an oversized t-shirt from Logan as I worked on my makeup and hair. I blow dried my blonde locks and used my curling iron to style my hair into loose waves; I used some mousse to keep the waves in place. I applied a light layer of foundation, rimmed my blue eyes with eyeliner and lengthened my naturally thick lashes with mascara before using some tinted lip-gloss. I’d already picked out my outfit which was laid on my bed, I slipped on my clothes and then looked in my full length mirror checking my appearance. I was wearing a tight blue, purple and silver pattern skirt which hugged my figure and a white chiffon blouse tucked into it with a long silver necklace hung around my neck and bunches of silver bangles and bracelets clad my wrists and sparkly silver heels completed the outfit. (Picture in sidebar of outfit >>)

“Elle get your bum downstairs!” Noah bellowed and I rolled my eyes at his impatience and grabbed my clutch before exiting my bedroom down to the landing where Noah was waiting. He scrubbed up quite well- he was wearing dark denim jeans and a crisp button up top, his mop of dark blonde hair was messy but styled. We walked outside to the car and hopped inside and drove to Sky’s house only a few minutes away. As soon as we pulled up Sky burst through the door all dressed up waving to her mother who was standing at the door with her arms crossed giving Sky a stern look which she just shrugged off and waved before hopping into the backseat.

“Hey Elle, Noah” She acknowledged us and I smiled warmly at her, she looked stunning as usual. She was wearing a cute, tight cap sleeved dress with a cut out back with straps crisscrossing over her bare skin. The dress was quite short coming to just above mid thigh and hugging her figure in all the right places, she’s matched it with black heels and her dark brown hair was braided across front and pinned into a messy bun on the side of her head with tendrils framing her face. Her makeup was done to perfection, her unique hazel green eyes with gold flecks were framed dark Smokey eyeliner and eye shadow and lips tainted a dark red. As Noah drove Sky and I chatted as we caught up on the latest gossip, the car came to a sudden halt and I realized we were at Alex’s house. Noah jumped out of the car and knocked on the door and my Uncle David answered the door, he glanced over in the direction of the car and waved. I waved back a smile stretched across my face and I spotted Alex dash through the door after giving Uncle Greg a quick hug. She pranced over to the car and slid inside with the grace of a prima ballerina. She twisted around in the front passenger seat and I grinned at her.

“Hey Alex! Haven’t seen you in a while”

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