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Pen Your Pride

True love

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Chapter 1


I’m not crazy…………. Ok maybe I am. You can’t blame for being it. I mean I saw my fellow district partner beheaded in front of me. I’m only alive thanks to Finnick Odair. After I (Annie Cresta) won the 70th annual hunger games, things got weird. Finnick was never around. I got called crazy. The capitol didn’t bother me. When they announced that for the third Quarter Quell that victors would be going back in I lost it. I bolted over to finnicks house. I knocked on the door. “Finnick, Finnick!” I kept yelling. He opened the door “Annie? Are you ok?” “Did you hear?” I asked. “Yes, Now Annie come inside your soaking wet” I looked at myself and around me. “I didn’t even know it was raining” I said walking inside. “I’ll get you some warm dry clothes” He said walking toward his bedroom. I followed him. He gave me pajamas some that he kept for me. He left me to change. Once I was dressed I walked out into his living room. “Finnick can I stay here for the night” I asked him while I stood in the door way. “Of course you can Annie” he said smiling. He pats the seat next to him. I walk over and sit by him. I curl up into a ball. “Annie are you Okay?” I don’t reply “Annie answer me”  “Finnick what if I get reaped again” I say looking at him. “Annie I won’t let you get reaped” At that moment we both looked into each other’s eyes. I’ve known finnick for ages since we were toddlers. I’ve never told finnick I loved him I know I should but….. I’m scared he won’t love me back. Then something happened. He kissed me! I mean full on lip to lip kiss. It got more passionate by the minute. I felt so lightheaded like nothing could go wrong like I belonged in his arms. We finally had to get some air. He looked at me lovingly “Annie Cresta I love you.” I gasped “I love you too finnick” we stayed up all night long that night kissing and talking. The day the reaping came I was a mess.

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