This is my message or self-written poem to the King of Pop who left this world for 3 years. You will never be forgotten.


Michael Jackson, King Of Pop,

You were always on the top

They had manipulated your innocence

They made you anxious, made you tense

They really had said a lot of nonsense

They assumed you as a 'Wacko Jacko'

They just wanted the whole show

Yet you stood so pure, so strong

Your love and patience stood for long

You have an armor of angelic love

You're as pure and clean as a dove.

They wanted you to falter, wanted you to fall

But you just waited for God's Call

You never made them stand in your way

So what you did was kneel and pray

You always said what you wanted to say.

You cared for the Earth and cared for the children

You kept your patience, counting one to ten

They called you weird, they called you strange

But you did the right, you made a change

Of this wounded and eccentric world

Your goodness and kindness you've unfurled

So, my dear Michael Jackson, thank you so much

You were so generous, one of a kind, and of such

You were a man of integrity

That's what all can see

A man that's true

A world that's new.

You were innocent, there was no doubt

Untrue allegations had made all shout

The world puts you down

But you earned the crown

You loved all races: black, white, brown

Michael Jackson, you healed the world

Because of you, true love we learned

Love from the heart and love from the soul

And teaching what love is was your eternal goal


Posted on: June 25, 2012

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