I'm Not Alone

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Ryan P.O.V

"I'm finally at my high school and I wonder how its gonna be". I look around to see what type of people are but as I do I sadly sigh wishing I knew someone here *my ears go down*, as I slowly walk to the front entrance I look at schedule for my first and second period class and I have ELA.

"Awww" I said in my head. I try to look for my class but couldn't find it so I start to ask some people, one actually knew the way because we had the same class first period. "Um excuse me but do you know where the first period class is" I say nervously. "Yeah I do but first what is your name" says unknown,  "My name is Ryan but what yours" "My name is Jack" He replied as he put out his paw.

After we introduced eachother we walked to our first period class as we did I thought of how handsome he looked and how pleasant it is to be around him, I suddenly start to blush a faint red and was hoping Jack didn't see me blushing, but he did and asked me "What are you thinking about" with a smirk on his face, "Nothing"
I say quickly. We finally made it to our first class which I was not looking forward to. "Welcome everyone, I am your ELA teacher Ms. Huggins for the rest of the year and I'm hoping this will be a fun and educational year, 
now everyone take a seat".


The bell rings for lunch after fifth(5)
period and I burst out of class running as fast as I could to the cafeteria wanting to try to make friends and eat cause I was starving.  As I was the first person to the cafeteria I paid for my lunch and chose a table to sit at and as I was eating lunch then I saw Jack talking with I think a friend of his and wanted to know who they were but I didn't want to interrupt him.

After he finished talking with his friend they both came to my table to chat and eat. "Hey Jack who is this fur of yours" said unknown, "Im Ryan what's your name"as I put my paw out. "My name is Nick and its a pleasure to meet you". We all start to chat and learn about how we, what our schedules are, and stuff we like,  etc.


Its the end of the day and I start to walk home wondering about Jack's sexuality and stuff like that but then blue aura was around me and I was able to do a weird thing like shoot lightning bolts but after my power shortage I quickly walked home hoping no one saw.

Once I got home I saw my mom in the kitchen and my dad in the living room, I said my hi's told them how today was and I went to my room to wait for dinner but before I had dinner I wanted to figure out how to control my powers.

Writer:Next chapter I tell you the details of how these characters look and all that but thx for 12 reads... Bye

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