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Harvey’s spankings always really hurt, so Mike often wondered why he looked forward to them so much.

Maybe it was the jolt of excited foreboding he always got when Harvey crooked a finger and beckoned him over. Or maybe it was the feeling of helplessness as Harvey took hold of his wrist and drew him down over his knee. Or maybe it was the shiver of anticipation as Harvey pulled down his pants and boxers, exposing his ass. He just knew he felt more excited in those moments than at any other time.

He loved how Harvey was as cool, expert and in control when spanking him as he was in the courtroom. Harvey would always place one hand firmly on the small of Mike’s back and place the other on his bottom, just resting it there for a moment before the spanking began.

“Why am I spanking you, Mike?” he often asked.

“Because I’m yours, and you can,” Mike would usually reply.

The truth was a little different. The truth was that Harvey enjoyed spanking him, and Mike enjoyed being spanked, but that was always unspoken and implicit between them.

Sometimes they pretended it was a punishment, for the thrill it gave them, but that was just a masquerade. They both knew the truth.

Usually though, Harvey only ever spanked him at home, on Harvey’s couch, or in the bedroom. Once, he’d spanked him in the back of the limousine, while Ray turned up the music and pretended it wasn’t happening. Mike’s face had flushed a shade of red as bright as his ass after that happened and it was days before he could look Ray in the eye again. But after Ray had dropped them off at Harvey’s apartment, they’d had the hottest sex ever, so Mike couldn’t deny he found the thrill of being seen a huge turn on.

Once, Harvey had followed him into the men’s room at the fancy restaurant where they’d taken a client for lunch. He’d pushed him into a stall, shut the door behind them, put his leg up on the toilet, and pulled Mike over his knee. He’d only delivered a couple of swats, but Mike had found the whole thing so exciting that he’d spent the rest of the meal trying to hide his raging hard-on, much to Harvey’s amusement.

What Harvey had never done was spank him in the office. Until now.

They had been working on one client’s case for three days, trying to find a way to resolve it to best advantage but coming up blank at every turn. That was when Mike had his bright idea.

He spent ten minutes expounding it to Harvey in his office, pacing around the room, gesticulating wildly and running his hands through his hair until it was sticking up messily. Harvey just sat back in his chair, watching him, not saying a word throughout.

When Mike finally ran out of steam, he came to a stop in front of Harvey’s desk and leaned on it with his hands.

“So – what do you think?” he asked anxiously. “Will it work?”

Harvey gave a slow nod. “It will.” He pointed an index finger at Mike’s chest. “Make it so!”

“‘Make it…’? Oh God! That was a Star Trek reference again, wasn’t it?” Mike groaned. He’d been in this kinky “thing” with Harvey for several months now, often staying over at Harvey’s apartment, and had therefore been forced to sit through more episodes of Star Trek than he felt anyone should have to endure.

“It was. Jean-Luc Picard – now he is definitely the man,” Harvey said with a grin.

“I thought Captain Kirk was the man?”

“They are both the man.”

“And Captain Janeway?”

“She’s the man too,” Harvey told him firmly.

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