The Beginning Of The End

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You wake up, yawning and stretching your arms out,rubbing your eyes.

" god, the sun..who opened my curtains? "

you question, still half asleep. Your hair a complete mess as you get up rolling out of your bed. You walk out of your room. Right across from your room is Shawn's room. Shawn is the greatest friend you could of asked for, he is sweet, caring and is always there for you no matter what.

" good morning! "

Shawn says walking out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel around his waist.

" Shawn, my god..put some clothes on... "

you say shaking your head walking past him into the bathroom, turning the shower on.
* after your shower *
You walk out of the bathroom with your  (s/c ) sweater on and your black ripped jeans and your black and white converse on. You walk into the living room, the tv on lightly playing some random show.
The radio turned on, playing some nice 1950's styled tunes. You sit on the couch, flipping through the channels as Shawn walks into the living room

" well look at this the president is really worried about those nuke threats "

Shawn says looking through the news paper on the counter

" yeah well why shouldn't he be I would! "

you say turning to him

" well, your just scared of everything! "

he says smirking taking a sip of his coffee

" Tsk! no I am not! Just mostly everything.. "

you lightly giggle along with him.

" yeah well nothing will happen with salsa skills like these "

he says as he starts to dance

" legit just stop, the more you do it the more I wanna throw up"

you say laughing


he says still dancing

" they think I'm quite good! "

he giggles

" whatever big guy "

you shake your head and laugh. Shawn moves next to you sitting down, going on his phone. You get up to go clean the dishes. You get to the sink just as Shawn says something

" hey (y/n ), come here! "

you turn around, walking over to him. He is just standing up looking at the tv with the president on it

" people of America... I-I uh have reports of nucleur threat... I mean bombs t-they are going to be hitting the following places * list you and Shawn's state and others as well * I-I'm sorry... "

the tv cuts out and loud sirens begin to play outside. You rush to the window seeing people running around crying and trying to hide

" S-Shawn we're going to die.. s-Shawn oh my god.. "

you back up almost falling onto the floor

" no we are not! follow me and hurry!"

he says grabbing your hand

" come on (y/n! I promise I will keep you safe! Trust me"

he says pulling you along, rushing you to the basement. locking the door being you two and rushing you to a corner. Shawn gets up, walking away from you trying to secure the door and small windows.

" all set we should be safe here, built this from scratch in case of this.. I wanted to make sure we had a place to hide"

he says brushing him self off

" as long as we're together we'll make it threw this "

he says reassuring you. Shawn walks away to clean up some things around the little basement bunker. Loud sirens still continue to ring outside. You hear people shouting and car alarms going off as helicopters flying around. You peek through a crack in the wood that is covering one window.  A loud crash and a mushroom cloud appears with a ring of smoke heading your way


you duck down and so does Shawn. You hear your house above collapse. Dust falls from the ceiling and into the bunker

" are you okay y/n! "

Shawn says running over to you through the mist and grabbing your face looking you all over

" I'm fine I'm fine "

you say grabbing Shawn's waist and hugging him. Shawn looks down at you and hugs back

" don't let go Shawn "

you say wanting to just stay wrapped in his Arms after the blast of the bomb

" I won't, trust me "

he says calmly holding on to you.

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