Insertion and Extraction

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51,000 feet above ground level, rests S.H.E.I.L.D.S base. A helocarrier designed to never touch the ground again, easily the most advanced piece of technology in its time. Besides Starks inventions of course. It holds jets, helicopters and other assorted aircraft, along with dangerous offensive and defensive weapons and the most highly trained soldiers and SHEILD agents ever seen. However, it not only carries the most advanced weaponry or agents, but also a remarkable group of people known as the Avengers. Individuals with great abilities and skills used for one purpose only, protecting the world from foreign and domestic threats that ordinary people cannot handle.

Unlike any other day, today was rather slow for these heros. Fury had no missions that needed attending too, Tony and Bruce were hanging out in the lab doing God only knows what. Steve was watching t.v. catching up with the times and Clint and Natasha were nowhere to be seen, which is normal for them (Being spies and all). And Thor was off world in Asguard visiting.

It was quiet with only the sound of distant typing and chatter. That is until an agent went to report to Director Fury about a powerful energy surge in the Arizona desert.

"Avengers, report to the mission room immediately." Nick said into the intercom. Everyone was actually excited to be doing something, except for Tony of course, but that was typical. He would soon get over himself though.

"What is the problem Director?" Steve, now Captain America asked once they were all present.

"13 minutes ago, an unknown energy surge was recorded to have taken place in the Arizona desert. Your mission is to investigate and if the source was a being, then you are to subdue them and bring them here. The exact coordinates are included in the debrief, I suggest you suit up and head out now before we miss the opportunity to investigate fully."

"Yes sir" they all replied in unison, which caused Tony to giggle at the irony.


"ETA 5 minutes." Barton called from the cockpit, Natasha as his co-pilot.

Everyone was slightly nervous about the mission turning into another Loki situation, but they were hoping it was nothing. Once they reached their designated coordinants, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Black Widow exited the jet at a running pace. Bruce stayed behind in the aircraft until the situation required the Hulk, if at all.

The four hero's spit up to cover more ground, each headed in one direction. It was pass sunset, so the temperature was below freezing in the vast desert. But that didn't bother any of them, thanks to Starks new thermal suits for everyone on the team.

An hour or so had passed before Captain America noticed a black form in the distance. He jogged at a stable pace before comming upon the form, which happened to be a boy. Steve's heart crushed when he saw the boys circumstances, he was crudely tied up and he was bloody and bruised horribly.

"Team, proceed to my location, no need to tread lightly and bring Banner, not the Hulk." He said into the com unit as he kneeled down next to the small child, putting him in his lap. He checked for a pulse, relieved when he found one. It was week, but it was there. He proceeded to look over his injuries wondering who would be so sick as to do this to a child. In the war, he had come across many children who were injured or even dead, but that still didn't make him become accustomed to it. He still felt anger and failure at not helping them sooner, and now this child had been stranded in a desert. If they hadn't come to investigate, then he would have surly died. Steve tensed at the thought.

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