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Dear Reader,

Thank you for viewing my work. This is a preview of some of the stories I have written, and subsequently compiled into a novel called "The Liliana Chronicle and Other Short Stories".

The full version is available online at 

Please enjoy.


Table of Contents

1 Twenty Years Later 

2 The Liliana Chronicle 

3 A Star Burns Too Brightly 

4 Angel Erin 

5 All On His Own 

6 Limbo

 7 First Love 

8 Levi & Lizette

 9 The Island 

10 Dual Identities 

11 Unforeseen Circumstances 

12 A Strange Feeling 

13 Forgive Me Father 

14 Girl on the Bridge 

15 Twenty Years Ago  

Copyright © 2018 Travis Aaron

All rights reserved.

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