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Silence screams many things;

unsaid words tied with strings,

nothingness and empty space,

feelings that never left your face.

Cold and lonely- thoughtless place,

leave the silence- you won't keep your pace.

Completeness screams many verses;

angry words packed in curses,

emotions causing a pulsing ache,

banished problems stirred to wake.

Hot and bursting- crowded place,

abandon sound- you won't keep your pace.

Silent lions prounce to kill,

roaring tigers chase to thrill,

angels watch with empty eyes

sobbing humans as someone dies.

Our lives are full of thoughtless places

our lives are full of crowded places,

Leavind, abandoning silence and sound

does not mean happiness will be found.

In life you never do keep your pace

so be carried by your hearts own bass.

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