Chapter 15

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We sat down. Turned on the camera. And sung. We sounded so good together the harmony was amazing. It was later in the day by then and I was really tired and worried about Jenn. After we posted the video we got a lot of views with in a couple of hours then I got a text. It was Jenn.

"Andrea I'm really sorry. It just made me mad how I can't be locked down to one person. It's a just I'm afraid that once I lock down to them. They'll leave me and I'll be hurt. Can just me and you just meet up at inside put burger? Alone. Please? Maybe tonight at 7?"

I didn't reply. But I went. I told Luke I'll be back and I went.

"Andrea. Hey." I could tell she had been crying

"Hey Jenn. You look like you've gained weight. And. You have boobs bigger than normal. Are you ok?" I said as I started to cry.

"Yeah. I'm. I'm fine."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Ye- yeah. Anything."

" Are. Are you pregnant? "

"Why would yo- you say something like that?"

"I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to. But are you"?

A tear ran down her face. " yeah. I am"

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