Chapter 6

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"I don't tell anyone my story. No one."

"Come on Andrea."

"Ok. Fine. I was going into kindergarten and I knew things were gonna be bad. I had a gap and I knew I would get the occasional did you loose a tooth and stuff like that. But after ui had told everyone. It just continued. They would ask and ask and ask. The bulling didn't start till like 4th grade. But people would call me names and all of that. So as I went into 4th grade. People called me gap face big teeth. And I would come home crying.  These two boys that rode my bus in like 2nd grade would punch me and push me to the ground. Then in 6th grade all hell broke loose. As I went in everyone stared at me. And picked on my and called me those mean names. Then I was at my locker one day and this girl bumped into me and she blamed it on me. She pushed me in to the lockers. And punched me and kicked me. She hurt me. Really bad.  No one stood up for me. So when I came home there was a note from my mom she said she'd be back at 6. She never came back. So. Then I posted a video online and I said. 'I don't know why you all hate me so much. But. Its ok because I hate me too.  Well.  Goodbye!'  Then I grabbed a knife. And I cut my arms. I grabbed pills and as I was trying to open them my brother came up stair and took them away he spilt all of them.  But I picked up 7 and swallowed them all. Whole.  After that I tried to kill myself again. It failed.  I felt so horrible. I also starved myself  I didnt eat for a week. My brother was all I had left and they took him away.  He got sent to an orphanage. And I was all alone.  Till I met Jenn 2 years ago.  She changed me.  And she is all I have besides this amazing boy sitting right in front of me "

"Andrea.  Is that why you wear all of those bracelets?"

"Yeah. People will mess with me if they knew.  You and Jenn are the only people who know"

We were just laying there in his bed crying.  He lifted up. And grabbed me and pulled me up to him and he kissed me.  We didn't say one word after that.  It was Friday. Thank god.

I woke up the next morning. Opened my eyes someone was holding to my hips so tight.  I had slept with Luke

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