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 I walk in to the sower and just stand under the steamy warm water. I concentrate on the water trickling down my face and watch little droplets fall off the tip of my hair. I stare at then as they tumble to the cold tile floor and watch the water race to the drain. I flip my hair out of my face and quick squeeze my eyes tightly shut so no water would get in them. I grab my shampoo and massage it through my hair. I made sure I scrub it all and let it sit for a quick minute and rinse it completely out. I then next reach for my conditioner and repeat what I last did. Scrub. Sit. Rinse.

While the last of my conditioner is leaving my hair, I reach for the shower dial and turn it to off. I reach around my curtain and grab my towel off the hook. I first dab my face and get the remaining water off so I can finally open my eyes. I next dry my legs and lastly my arms. As I am whipping the remaing water off my body, I wrap the towel around my bust and grab my other remaining towel and wrap it tight around my head. I step out of the shower with a slice of cool air brush my legs and cheeks. The sensation give me goose bumps.

        I walk over to my mirror and begin to put on my make up. First I applied the liquid foundation and make sure I cover all my remaining acne from the past week. I then apply fresh pressed powder and even out the tone in my face. Next I get to my eyes. Since I have brown eyes and going to put on a teal top, I decided to apply winged eyeliner. I swipe my eyelids with a dash of the liquid liner then carefully even out the wings on each lid. Lastly to top off my look, I apply a light rosey blush to complement my cheek bones and make them look more firm. Oh I almost forgot to change my nose stud! I decided to mix it up a little bit and instead of a diamond stud, I would go with a sterling silver hoop.

        I begin to strip down out of my towel and change. I grabbed my black ankle height legging and slip them up my slender thighs. I adjust them to my comfort then reach for my  black bandeau and slide it up to my chest and secure it. Lastly, I grab the teal see though tank top that Maddi recently picked up and poked my head through the hole and slithered in to it. Just as i'm about to reach for the handle, I relies the scars that lay up and down my arm. Fuck. If I wear this top then that means that they will see my scars. Why. Just as I finally thought I looked nice, my fucking arms had to ruin it. I am so self conscious about this. What if they think I am a freak. Or a loser. Tears start to swell up in my eyes but I quickly fan them so I wouldn't ruin my make up. I guess I am just going to have to deal with it because there is absolutely no time to change.

        I head up the stairs to my bedroom to see Maddi quickly finishing up her hair. I speed towards her and tackle her. "Emily! You're an ass!" She shouted.


Me and Maddi have that type of relationship where we call each other names and not care and honestly I loved it.

"Hurry up I still have to finish my hair, creep." I said as I sat down next to inserting the plug of the blow dryer in to the outlet. I turn the switch to on and put the head to my hair and in just a few minutes it was dry. I decided I wanted to add a little spark to my look by curling my hair just incase I were to met a cute boy or something. I untie the cord of the curling wand and place it in to the outlet.

        Layers of hair later, me and Maddi are finally finished and head to my front door. I grab my black lace up combat boots and Maddi grabs her Toms and with that, we were out the door.

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