The Hood Didn't Break Me

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Chapter 1

Sahara got up that Saturday morning and called her cousin Janelle. "Wassup, Nell!"

"Nothing, Sahara," Janelle said while eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes.

"You know Marcus having a party tonight and ......"

"What Marcus?" asked Janelle as she cut Sahara off.

"The one that live on Bentlo, up there where...."

Once again cutting Sahara short Janelle finished her sentence. "...where Tony be at. You know that Tony hang with Marcus and Chuck and 'em. And guess what?" Answering her own question she continued. "Tae cousin Darnell lives 3 blocks down from there now and they are bound to be at the party because Marcus is Darnell friend Shawn cousin and ......"

Sahara cut Janelle off this time when she asked, "You think that Tony and Tae will get into it if you go to the party?"

"Damn rude ass you just cut me off."

"Bitch please you cannot talk with your rude ass."

"Anyway naw, I don't think they going to fight, not over me at no party anyway. Girl I forgot to call you about what happened Thursday night. Tony had come to get Nerah to take her over Mrs. Theresa's."

"And, he came to get his daughter. So what?"

"Just listen! Tae was down here playing with the baby and all of a sudden Tony came in and caught an attitude because Tae was playing with Nerah."

"You knew he would trip."

"Yeah, but he came early. He wasn't supposed to come and get her 'til 8. When he came, Sa it was 6 o'clock. Tae was here because he had brought me home from school. He was about to go when Tony came."

"Why did he come so early? Was he hoping for something?" Sahara asked sarcastically.

"Whatever! Just call me if you going."

Sahara called her other cousin Amera after she got off the phone with Janelle. Amera told Sahara that she would get her boyfriend Chuck to drop her off around two. She wanted Sahara to redo her cornrows. Sa cleaned up and took a shower. She decided that she would call her boyfriend Jamar who she hadn't talked to since he left the night before last. She was mad that he didn't answer. She had been with him for almost a year. He just went to Virginia to stay with his brother for the weekend. He wouldn't be back in B'more until Sunday night.


Ding, dong, ding, dong

Sahara ran down the steps to see who was at the door. When she looked through the door she saw Amera. Sahara opened the door. "Bye, man!" Amera yelled to Chuck. Sahara waved then shut the door. Amera went straight to the kitchen to eat her popeyed chicken. After she ate they walked to the store to get a pack of hair. On their way to the store they ran into Brown.

"Wassup Shorty?" Brown asked as he stopped Mera before she went in the store.

"Nothing, wassup with you?" Mera asked as she stepped in front of him. Sa walked into the store to let them talk.

"You know what it is. I'm tryna get that number so we can hook up sometimes."

"I don't know about that. Why don't you holla at me later so we can talk."

"Aight shorty look here's my number. Why don't you just call me later and I'll get up with you," Brown said as he gave her the number and whispered in her ear " Let me show you why you need to be with me He looked at her and licked his sexy lips.

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