Meadow like Love (Imagine) *Niall*

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Your doing imagines for people right ? Can you do me one, to do with anything but with Niall please

Anything for the total perf writer @_Jay_1D ... An I've had this idea for a while but I don't write imagines tbh yanno so ... Yeah first time so tell ma like how too improves cos its gonna b rubbish

You and Niall had been living together for ages considering you hadn't been dating for that long. Your 1 year anniversary was next Saturday and you had talked over plans but Niall being Niall was probably doing something sneaky and romantic.

You had just got home from your music class you learn guitar and sing at the local music center Niall knows and supports you so you've recently started singing around him more.

You walk though the door kicking your shoes off and putting your phone down, your about to shout out for Niall but hear voices in the living room. Its the rest of the boys you've met them hundreds of times before but don't want to intrude on there 'guy meetings' as Lou (Teasdale) calls them. "So mate what's the problem!" Zayns asks. What problem you think!

"Yeah u just sat here for like an hour telling us about her so just go ahead" Louis says. You think who they could be talking about. But then what if its you an all you can think is omg what if he wants to break up with me what if he's being telling them your annoying or something for an HOUR!

"Common Ni man up" okay so there talking to Niall, an he's dating you so there probably talking about you.

"But ... But I don't know how" Niall whispers its so unlike his usual bouncy tone.

"Just tell her!" Liam chips in.

"Practise now" Harry pipes up, you peak around the corner and see all the boys faces but Niall because he has his back to you.

He gets up still facing away from you and starts speaking Harry pace (sloooowwwwwlllll ... yyy) "n/y ... I've been meaning to say this to for a while but I don't know how to your so beautiful an talented and perfect an" he pauses you walk into the room the boys faces are a mixture of shock and excitement, Liam nudges Louis an he grins when he sees you.

"An ... I'm ... I'm in love with you" Niall finishes and even the boys look a bit shocked. You stand still frozen like a statue ... Niall loves you no he's in love with you (a/n c end for my explanation) and you was in love too.

"But how do I tell her" Niall huffs slouching back into the chair. Your still frozen.

"I think you just did" Zayn says softly.

"Huh?!" He says confused, before Louis nods his head casually toward you, but with a smirk (a/n is it just me that can imagine that Louis face???) an Niall whips around so fast he could of got whiplash (a/n couldn't help maself soz)

"Y/n!-" He starts but you cut in "your in love with me?" He looks down sheepishly, face going red (a/n so sorry bout a/n's but when he does that look aawwwhhhh like the guilty cookie stealer face) and nods.

"Good because" you have a sudden bust or confidence "I'm in love with you ... too" you say an he stares you directly in the eye as he walks across the room meeting you in the middle. You can feel his heart pounding against your, the rhythms in perfect harmony and he leans down and kisses you. Its sweet and bitter but wonderful, when people say 'fireworks exploded' there wrong, its like being in a meadow peaceful and calm but surrounded by flowers roses, lillys, poppys, tulips and every other kind ... Its like perfection.

And perfection is just what you and Niall had.

Also tell ma if I should stop the rants at the beginning/end/sometimes middle plz!

Okay the thingy bout luv am in luv there's a difference bcos I say 'I luv u' or 'ilysm ' or some other variation of that all the time bcos I luv everyone an everything sure I hate em 2 at times but I still luv em an anyways (ik I'm so weird ect) there's I difference 'I love you' or 'I'm IN love with you' ... I just a weirdo ik am I'm very sorry but yh

Also about the Heart Beat thing ppl say that if u spend so much time with someone you love your heart beats are the same

Ma laptop broke so no BOLD a/n's + I had a whole story wrote on there!!!

I am so vvvvvvvvvv sorry about all the a/n ill cut em all out if anyone want!

P.s is it really just me that can imagine Louis face like that???

Pp.s luv u all

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