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~Ally's pav~

She pulled me into a recording studio but before she did that she coverd my eyes I heard the same voice before and I knew who it was she removed her hand from my eyes and I saw T.O.P and GD I just stared at them they both smiled "T.O.P you practice" GD yeld at him and he continued CL went to talk to GD about something I sat on the couch and didn't say a word then T.O.P finished and came out he looked at me and asked "What did you think?" "I-it w-was a-awesome"

I was so nervous."GD you should listen to her" T.O.P said while looking at GD,GD looked at him and smirked.T.O.P seat next to me and smiled I looked at him his long black sexy hair his dark eyes he was so perfect

"Hello?" He wawed a hand infront of my eyes I didn't figure out he was talking to me "Ha what did you say?" he smiled "I asked what's your name?" "M-my n-name i-is A-ally" I said with a shy voice "It's okay you don't have to be nervous around me I smiled and GD and CL came and seat on the couch "So I heard you are going to train in YG" GD said with a big smile "What you're going to train here that's awesome" T.O.P said with an exicting voice "Y-yea S-sure a-am" "You don't have to be nervous around us" GD said and touched my shoulder "Well I have to go practice by guys you stay with GD and T.O.P" CL said and left the room.

~CL's pav~

I pulled GD to the side and told him everything about Ally then we both seat on the couch next to Ally and T.O.P I saw how they were getting along I decided to go practice so they can spend some time together.

~Ally's pav~

As CL left the roome I started getting very nervous I finaly became freindly with her and now I'm sorunded with the guys from my fav. band and my crush T.O.P."So when are you going to start training here?" GD asked "Don't know yet my parents are still talking to the YG"

I finaly said something normaly "Wow looks like someone is talking freealy" T.O.P said while smiling.As we were talking CL came in I looked at her "Hey Ally the YG president wants to see you" CL said "OK" I got up and said a hard goodbye to GD and T.O.P but you know we are probably gonna see each other again I went to his office with CL then she stoped infront of the door "See you later" She said with a smile and went to the dancing studio I went in and sat down and the YG president started talking "Okay so here is what is planed you start tommorow at 7 at the studio you are going to learn dancing after that is vocal leasson in the end of the week you show me what you learned and I want you to move from your home to focuse since I see you are catching along with CL you can live with her if you can please move today she will tell you everything that's all thank you for comming I will see you again" After that I coudn't say anything we said our goodbyes and left the whole car ride was silent when we got home my parents hugged me so tight "No matter what happeneds we will be there this is a big step for all of us but know that we are proud and we love you very very much" As they said that I could feel them cry and me I went to my room and sat on my bed thinking what just happened I got a text I checked out it said:Hy CL here I diled my number in your phone just in case.I've got some bad news you can't stay with us caue wr are going to Japan for 3 weeks but I eranged every thing you can stay with Bigbang I told them every thing they will come to pick you up at 8 ok by.

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