Immortality's Affliction

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As the sun drops below the horizon, it leaves behind hues of fire in its wake. The soft orange glow melds with the purple streaks that paint the sky as if it were a large canvas.

Never before has Simon felt so alone in this world. He's lost everyone he's ever loved as they all withered away in the hands of death right before his own eyes. There is no one who understands how he feels, how much pain he's being submitted to.

As the sun eventually sets, he stands up, looking up at the stars starting to come into view. They shine brightly in contrast to the dark sky, their glow luminous and ethereal as they hang precariously. He gazes at them for a long time before he says to himself with a sigh. "Looks like you guys are all I have left."

His chin falls to his chest, his eyes downcast. He drowns everything out so well that he doesn't even notice when Magnus stands beside him, so when he taps his shoulder, he jumps slightly, startled.

"Aren't you forgetting someone?" He smiles, though it doesn't quite meet his eyes. They seem a more dull color, clouded and hazy with loss and grievance that will forever remain. Magnus places a hand over his shoulder, his voice solemn when he speaks. "Although the ones we love have passed, that doesn't mean they gave us permission to stop living our life without them."

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