Forever & Always

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"Andrea!!! There's two new students!" My best friend Jenn yell from halfway down the hall way. "Shhhhhhh.  Wait till I get there." I started to run towards her. "What's their names??" "Umm Luke and Ashton I think." "They sound fun.... Come on we have to go to class."

"Ok class we have a new student! His name is Ashton Irwin." Ms. Kale said. Me and Jenn got really lucky because were in three of the same classes and now we have one of the really cute new students in a couple. "Ok um go sit next to Jenn."

"Hey I'm Ashton."

"Hey. I'm Jenn. Where ya from?"

"I was born in Australia but I moved to the US last year."

"That's so cool! What's Australia like?"

"Its super fun and nice, I really don't know how to explain it." He says as he laughs

"Haha. Sounds awesome. What's your next class?"

"Social Studies."

"Really!? That's mine too!"

"Yay!!! I'll know some one and someone that's pretty cool."

"Thanks. And oh yeah this is my best friend Andrea."

"Hi. I'm Andrea"

"I've heard."

I laugh.

*next class*

"See ya Jenn and Ashton!"

"Bye!" They both say as they walk into Social studies. I walk in to my next class and sit down and look up to the front of the room and the teacher says "Ok everyone. We have a new student his name is Luke Hemmings. Umm go sit next to Andrea." "Okay."

"Hi Andrea. I'm Luke."

"Hey. Well you already know my name."

"Haha yeah. What's your next class?"

"Art related arts."

"Really?!! Me too."


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