MAGCON (chapter 6)

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We were in the water. I just came up from the water and saw Matt in front of me . He put me over his shoulder. "Ahhh!" I was screaming and laughing. He threw me in the water. He jumped with me. I opened my eyes when I was in the water and I saw Matt. I closed my eyes and kissed him. He held me tightly when we were kissing. We came up to breathe and when I went up Matt pushed me to the edge of the pool and hugged me. I kissed his forehead. I went out of the pool to get us some towels. I came back and Matt picked me up and he threw us into the pool. He kissed me on my belly and my lips. I giggled and kissed him on his lips. I swam up but Matt pulled me back down. " Your not going anywhere, baby!" He said while he was pushing me down. He brought me down to the floor of the pool and kissed my lips.

It was 11pm and we came out of the pool. I brought some of my clothes and pyjamas 'cause I knew I was going to be staying with Matt for awhile. I got into some underwear and a big sweater and did my homework on the floor. Matt grabbed my belly and kissed my neck. He put me to the ground and started tickling me. "Matt!" I said while giggling. "I have homework to do!" I said while still laughing. "Who cares baby! Its the weekend!" He said while still tickling and kissing my belly. I guess he didn't care that I was just wearing a bra, underwear and a big sweater. He picked me up like a baby and threw me on the couch. He came on top of me and started kissing me everywhere. I grabbed his neck and I started kissing him everywhere, too. We eventually fell on the ground while we were kissing. He laughed. But he just couldn't stop kissing me. "Baby, i'm tired. Can we stop tonight and just cuddle?" He asked while still kissing my neck. "For sure" I said while grabbing his shirt. We stood up and we fell asleep on the couch

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