Chapter 12

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Let's start opening this secret

 (note: "o" is "i")

Chapter 12

The Unexpected!

Ari's POV

   After seeing Momo walking hand-in-hand with the one i like whose have the name Sarun, i was so pissed. I have decided to give her a silent treatment and try to get Sarun's attention as much as possible which also mean i will spend most of my time with him, not her.

Momo's POV

   Ari hasn't talked to meh for o don't know, a week already maybeh? O feel so sad yet so mad yet so guilty! She doesn't talk to meh, not tell meh what o did to pissed heru up! Ari has been waking up very early these nowadays, it's like she is tryin to not see me and it's really makin meh feel more angry through times. Today, imma ask Ari what has got intu heru mind!!! O tried mah bestu to catchu up with Ari but somehow she walks so fastu! O ended up gettin lost, O dunno wai, mah head ish not that gud. Suddenly, O heard somethin from behind, O turned backu to take a looku of wat ish it but den suddenly O feels someone catch o and den shoved meh into a bigu blacku baggu. O screamed and tried mah bestu to get outto but O can't!!!!!! "HHHHHEEEELLLLLPPPP MMMMMMEEEEEHHHHHHH AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;A;A;A;;A;A;A;A;;A;A;A;A;A;A;A;A;" - O screamed. O can hear some man laughed sayin "You can't call for anyone little kitty! You will give us bunch of money as we tell your mama to give us money to take you back! Hahhahahaha". Suddenly, i heard Ari's voice! O heard she yelled: "What do you ugly things think you are going to do with that bag?!". O yelled out: "Ari! Help Meh!!!!!! I am sorryu for evero-ythingy I did to make chu mad! IMMA SORRYU!! SAVE MEH ARI!!!". "You little bastards!" - Ari yelled then o heard so many punches soundu and people screamu. Afteru a while, Ari opened the baggu for meh, O was su happyu o hugged Ari weally hardu! "Ari Ari Ari!!!!" - O yelled. Ari sighed then shoved meh away. "I am still very mad at you" Then Ari walked away. Sittin in the middle of the bloody people, O cried in silento. 'Wat did i do?...' 

   The next day, O see Ari walkin wit Sarun su happily, O was weally sad. Ari dun talk tu O anymo, O got sad and when class ended O just walku tu the gato and backu to house. Then O realized dat the house O ish livin in ish ari's housu so O walked to da laku and sit dere. After, O dunno, 5 hours of sittin, Sorami-chan noticed O and sit next tu O. "hey, what are you doing here? Why don't you go home?" - Sorami-chan asku, O shook mah headu: "Nothin, I am just sad", Sorami-chan raised heru eyebrows: "You? Sad? Wow, these is rare. Ari isn't it? Is it because she has been hanging out with Sarun more than you? Don't be sad about that, you still have her at home right? And..." "ITSH ISH NOT WAT I AM SAD ABUT! I MEAN ABOUT!!!!" - O shouted before Sorami-chan could finished, Sorami-chan was surprised but den Sorami-chan's face got normalu again, she asku: "Then what's the problem? I wouldn't know unless you tell me right?" -she said. O started to talku: "Ari has been ignoring me ever since last week, I don't know what i did wrong since she never told meh, she always spend time with Sarun now...." - O said, tearin up. Sorami-chan patted O's head and smiled: "Maybe if you tried to do something for her she would forgive you! And i will help you get rid of Sarun! By that I do not mean kill because he knows Karate and i am still learning but i will give Ari's advice to do things reverse to what Kaila senpai said!" - Sorami-chan said. O was shocked: "Wouldn't that be mean to Ari??????", she raised heru eyebrows: "Do you want to get her back or not? Or I can just help Ari gettin closer to Sarun~~~" - she pouted, O shook mah head: "Nu nu! Okay then ,help me then!" - o said. She out her thumb up and winks: "Alrighty then!!" 

   De next day, O waku uppu WEALLY WEALLY EARLY and maku breakfastu for Ari and everyuone~ When they woke up, everyuone enjoy mah food but Ari stare at it then say: "I'll just gonna buy food along the road". As Ari said so, O take everyuthingy and ran as fas as O can tu schoolu, suddenly, O saw Sarun in front of the gate, O got excited and jumped on Sarun's back and made him fell on the ground, O giggled as O get off him and ran intu mah classu. O also got Ari's lunchu, today ish Ari's day to clean su O helped Ari cleaned the whole classu. As Ari got in, Ari looku angrier, O was a bit scared su O ran into mah sit. Ari glare at O and just coninue cleanin. O sighed, what could o possessively do to make Ari happyu and stop hate meh?

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