New Friends and Metal Dragons

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I'm well known for my hacking skills and my brother his camera skills. But good luck finding us, no, really. Amid the hum of computers and wires, I'm normally asleep and Ryan running around taking pictures. I run a hand through my pale blond hair and watch the computer screen. It shows Cog and Jordan playing table tennis, Hiro making tea, John giving Akito a band aid for a large gash on the side of her face, Nic watching the table tennis game, and Boyd in the kitchen making a brownie pan for no reason, well as far as I know. "ALINA! GET DOWN HERE!" I growl under my breath as I inch my way out from the tangle of wires and nearly trip over my twin brother, Ryan. I pull on an extra layer over my white tanktop, a plaid short sleeve, and kick my brother in the side, and make my way down the rickety stairs that look like they're about to collapse when I put my weight on them.

Ryan's cramming as many wire's and computers into his and mine bag. I throw him a box of chicken nuggets from McDonalds and he catches the box and tucks them carefully into his pocket. "Why are you packing up our stuff?" He looks at me and passes me a picture with writing on it. The picture looked like it had been written in blood, but neatly. It was a picture of a bloody xbox controller with the message of, Do You Wanna Join Us And Kill People at Your Need! I laugh, imaging the tune of Frozen, Do You Wanna Build A Snow Man. My brother grins and I see our laptops and other stuff we had gotten for sale in backpacks. I grab my extra pants and shirt along with Ryan's stuff and open the window. The crisp winter air nearly knocks me out of the window, but my feet are firmly planted in the dent I had made years ago in the wall. I grab I my pack, the back of Ryan's shirt and jump out the window and break out into a run and then a sprint after I hear my parents yelling for us. Ryan picks up the pace until the two of us are laughing in hysterics until we see a mangled corpse being held up by the infamous Cognition, serial killer that strikes hard and slow, crushing your lungs, arms, legs, chest, and anything that needs to be broken, which is everything. A smaller girl drops from a tree and the body goes soaring up and it takes me a moment to place her. The Broken Lotus. She makes them trust her, and then she tricks them and kills them with a poisonous flower. I smile and BL comes jogging over, looks at the picture, gives it to Cog, and Cog grabs our hands and drags us through the woods and a few towns. By the time we get there, Cog tells us about everyone in the camp. "There's Jorden, Hiro, Akito, you, John, Nic, Boyd, and me and Ryan." I say out loud and Cog nods, telling me I got everyone.

I run a quick virus check on my computer in Gabe's room. Even after 2 months, I'm still amazed by Cog's inventions, but I set up some stuff of my own. I added some wire's and stuff, and Gabe agreed to share a room with me and Ryan. I shake my head as the scan says everything is good, but I know it's not. From minecraft to the internet, it's glitchy. Most of the time it opens to Cleverbot and I can't close it, but besides that, I don't think anything else is wrong. CRASH! Gabe comes flying out of her half of the room with plenty of her stuff flying out after her. She kicks a pipe and storms back in, dragging me with her up a really long ladder.

"Did you or Ryan do this?" I shake my head as I look at the large metal dragon, mauled and damaged. I see her anger, but who? I noticed on my way in that she had entered at least 20 different codes just to get near the dragon, but I don't think anyone else can. She looks at me with anger, than confusion, than fear. I realize her fear. The two of us run around, looking in every nook and cranny, making sure they were gone. I jog over to Gabe's computer, the one she uses to make blueprints and notice the first part of Marble Hornets pulled up. "Hey, Gabe, were you looking at the Marble Hornets earlier by chance?" She pops her head in a shakes her head no, looking a the moniter with me. "Run a scan, would ya? I just wanna make sure it isn't a glitch." I nod my head and hook up a couple things before hearing Gabe's strangled yell and then she's gone, but not before I see Masky's jacket jump out the window. I run back down the stairs and realize the other's were gone too, but of course I turned around. I just had to turn around.

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