Chapter 14~

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I felt bad, guilty, clueless, angry, sad, well but mostly USED! I didn't mean to hit her like that , I just didn't know what to do ? U know ? How to react in a situation like that ! I needed to hand over an apology so I went over hers! I knocked on the door waiting for response, well I could hear laughter from inside ... I guess she's not alone , maybe I should come next time ? Wait who am I kidding I'm her boyfrienD! The door flew open to find yN still in her party dress with makeup drooling all over her face but most of all fear and shockness , I looked at the ground ashamed of what I've done I looked clearly into her face to find MY hand tattooed on HER face ! Her cheek was turning purple ! I gasped!

Her: w-what r u-u doing he-here?

She said stepping back

Me: I'm sorry yn, I didn't mean to hurt u , I really didn't mean it , I was just mad !

Her: come in!

She sighed , jester me to come in I went and sat on the couch, it was a silent moment at first, I just want her to sit in my lap so we could cuddle!

Her: why were u m-

I cut her off by screaming


Her: WHAT R U TaLKING ABOUT ? I DID NTN like that , I would NEVER hurt u !

Me: well u did ! How could u ?

Then ryan came out of the kitchen .... RYAN?


He said pressuring on the word 'HE'

Her: 'HE' came to comfort me while U were "MAD"

Ryan handed her the ice pack that was on his hand and stood there watching ...


Me: *screaming*well someone told , and showed me a pic of u and an old friend KISSING THAT NiGHT

Her: seriously? Who even told u that? Sherlak holmes ?

I raised my eyebrows!

me: NOO.. It was macy ur friend

Her: *wisper* I don't have friends

Who is she lying too ?

Me: seriously ? DON'T LYE TO ME


That's when 'super hero' stepped in !

Ryan: well that's macy !

He showed a picture to YN that got her eyes WIDE

Her: HOW COULD U? How could u accuse me of cheating when u were doing it all along !

She throwed the phone to my face !

It was when macy throwed her self all over me!

Me: well that's ur friend!

Her: NO ! That's my bully who keeps creating stuff to get good things away from MEEE ! And u BELIEVE HER

Me: WELL u STILL CHEaTed ! And I did not ! She throwed her self on me !

Ryan: wait .... She couldn't have cheated because she was with me the whole time.. Dancing with me ! So stop accusiing her!

I looked at her with sorry eyes!

Me: I - I'm so -soryy

I said coming closer to her.. But she backed away !

Her: Save it...

She said with tears streaming down her face as she ran upstairs to her room , I tried to follow her but SOMEONE stopped me ! Why is he being so protective over Her ? I mean she is my girlfriend ... I sighed we didn't break up officially that's just a fight right?

Ryan: just leave her man , u hurt her BAD

Me: NO , U leave her !

Ryan: I'm just being friendly !

He said quietly! I sighed , I didn't know what to do ?

Ryan: look man she'll come around and u 2 will have a talk and everything will be alright just let her think and be by herself for a while

I nodded as I did our friendship handshake and went hope!


LIES. LIES. LIES! Does he think he can get her back this easy ? Do u THink I will let him ? The answer is NO my friend *evil smirk*

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