Chapter Two

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I slowly turned around, and felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. Jordan was standing in the doorway, with a girl. She was very pretty, golden blonde hair, stunning green eyes, and she looked like she was 90 pounds with cantaloupes on her chest. (omfg I laughed way too hard when I wrote this xD) She was wearing a knee length white dress, with white flats. Their hands were locked together.

"This is my girlfriend-"


Please tell me this is a lie.

Jordan had the biggest smile on his face, excitement shone in his eyes.

He's not lying. He's serious.

I put on my best fake smile and nodded, letting out "Nice to meet you." I couldn't believe he had a girlfriend, not that he was unattractive, because trust me. He's anything butunattractive. Just the fact he never seemed interested in anyone before.

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