Chapter 4

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Hayley POV
I feel like I've been asleep for 5 years. I wake up and look around. I see.... sex toys?

Then I see my sister and cousin naked asleep with tears on their face and they r naked

Then it hits me. we r sex slaves.

I try to keep calm so I don't have a panic attack. but my breathing becomes irregular and I try to wake up my cousin and my sisters. I can't breath.

I wake up Gianna . she screams for help. some of the magcon boys come down.

I black out but I hear them ask Gianna what happens and she says" she is having one of her panic attacks" I hear cameron say " CALL 9-1 fucking 1!" ( see what I did there)

That's the last thing I remeber.


I'm REALLY SRY. I'm just soo busy ik this is short I'm gonna try and update tonight if not then tmrw that's why it is so short. I also didn't update last week bc wattpad wasn't working so I'm sry and I'm also at a party that's also why it is short gtg now ttyl

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