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Noeliz P.O.V

So school ended and Tyla and I went to the mall. It was hard for Roc to let me go without me since he says my jeans are "too tight" It's my ass bitch! Smh anyways I'm driving and Tyla is just making vines with me singing and dancing.

Tyla: "Hey vine we are here with the one and only Noeliz Hariss a.k.a BamBam the unicorn!!"

Me: *singing bandaid by mb*

Tyla: "Aww did you guys know she is dating somebody from Mb?"

Me: "And I will tell them when I go to 106&park this weekend!!"

When we got there, we went to hot topic and we saw the bish whet beanies, shirts and cases.

Me: "Toni never told me about this!"

Tyla: "ҒΔCTS"

Me: "Oh well Ima buy one of each"

Tyla: "Oh I forgot to tell you"

Me: "Tell me what?"

Tyla: "We are having a surprise party for Lizabel TODAY so buy things that she likes for the party."

Me: "Now you tell me -.-"

Tyla: *Running to Forever 21* "love you too"

This is gonna be easy since I know her inside and out. I bought her crop tops, high waisted pants, shoes, and 3 purses. Yup that's how much I love my sister 😊 Anyways when I was done I saw Tyla hugging somebody when I walked over to them it was Ray Ray! I thought he was gonna stay in New York for a while.

Me: "Hey diary!!"

Ray: "Hey!!" *hugged me*

Me: "Well we should get going we have to decorate the house"

Tyla: "No no no WE are going to pick out cute outfits and do our nails and hair."

Me: "Ok but let's bring Liz with us"

Tyla: "Ok Ima call her and you go look for your outfit"

Then Tyla started walking with Ray calling Liz and I started looking for what I'm going to wear. Then the вαє called me.

Me: "Heller"

Roc: "Hey you look good with those jeans on"

Me: "Where are you?"

Roc: "Turn around"

I turned around I see his sexy self smiling at me. I jumped on him.

Me: "Hey!!"

Roc: "Hey babe!!"

Me: "Come help me I have to do my hair and nails then I have to go and buy my outfit then I have to wrap ever-"gco by Roc kissing me

Me: " thanks for telling me to shut up 😊"

Roc: "No problem btw you are a wonderful kisser*winks* " I didn't know you had a piercing on your tongue too"

Me: "Smh it's sexy though"

Roc: "I know it is"

~ skipping to the drive back to the party~

Well we are all ready I have a nice hot pink crop top with a black skirt and black sandals with soft curls and a white flower headband with pink nails and gold jewelry. Liz had a pink crop top with a long black skirt with light blue sandals and white nails with straight hair and a headband.

When we got out the car, Roc was just right behind me holding me by the waist while I was walking.

Roc: "You ready babe?"

Me: "It's not my party"

Roc: * smirks* "Oh yeah"

Me: " Okay?"

When Liz and I opened the door everybody yelled "SURPIRSE!!" We were so confused cause when we looked up all the decorations had both of our faces on it until we finally noticed the party was for both of us"

Mom: "Hi babies"

Me: "Why we have a surprise party?"

Liz: "Yeah"

Mom: "Let Beyonce answer that question."

Beyoncé: "Hey everybody!"

Everybody: "Hey вαє!"

Beyoncé:" We all want to know why there is a surprise party right?!!!"

Everybody: "Yeah!!"

Beyoncé: "Well since they are already next to me they are having this party because they are gonna go to the Run tour with Jay Z and I!!!"

Liz and I: "BISH WHET??!!"

Beyoncé:"Yup both of you are going to sing and dance with us!"

That's crazy I would love to but I don't want to leave Roc behind.

What should they do? Stay or leave?

Does Noeliz trust Roc by himself or naw? 😂

Is the party going to have drama or nah?😂

Only BamBam knows😏

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