Labyrinth (1986)

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Recommended by:
Steph and Lydia

Plot Summary:
A teenage girl who would rather go out on the weekends than babysit her little brother accidentally gets said little brother taken away by the Goblin King, and has just 13 hours to cross the Labyrinth and get him back.

Comments made while watching:
"Jesus that kid's a spoilt little sh*t!"
"You could take someone's eye out with that!"
"Did the last 101 minutes of my life actually happen, or was I on LSD?"

Standout Scene:

There's a scene towards the middle of the film where the Goblin King (played by the late, great David Bowie) is dancing around and arrogantly celebrating what he believes will be his certain victory. It has just the right balance between camp and creepy to make it work.

Overall Opinion:

Not the worst film I've ever watched, although sometimes the puppetry leaves a lot to be desired. May require a couple of rewatches to fully appreciate it, 5/10

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