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The wind rustles through her hair and turns her cheeks a light shade of pink as her feet take her nowhere. Nowhere at all.

Her heads down, hands firm in her pockets. It's cold. Maybe even freezing but she doesn't care. It doesn't seem to bother her. Her brain is else where.

She bumps shoulders with someone on the sidewalk and she snaps her head up. "Sorry." She mutters quietly. The person ignores her. Typical.

It's getting dark but once again she doesn't care. She has yet to figure out where she's going. She can't go home. Not now. That's the last place she wants to be. If she's there, sitting in her bed, her mind will just wonder to her ex boyfriend.

She sees the familiar coffee shop and she wonders if her brain knew where it was going. She wonders if this was where she was gonna end up all along.

"Hey (y/n)." The barista says as the bell rings above (y/n)'s head. (Y/N) sends her, her best fake smile.

"The usual?" The barista ask with her hopeful green eyes. "Ummm actually I'll take a hot chocolate." (Y/N) stammers reaching into her pocket for cash.

The barista smiles at her and takes her cash. As she disappears into the back to make (y/n)'s drink she's left with herself and her phone. The thing that's been sitting in her pocket buzzing nonstop.

(Y/N) hasn't talked to anyone all day. Sure, it probably concerns people but right now she needed to be alone.

It's weird not texting her best friends Ethan and Grayson but they wouldn't understand her if she told them about how upset she was. They'd try and brush it off and (y/n) hasn't been able to do that all week.

"Here you go sweetie." The lady smiles sliding her warm cup towards her. "Thank you." She mutters softly almost sighing in relief as her cold hands wrap around the warm cup.

(Y/N) turns on her heels, careful not to spill her drink and makes her way towards her favorite table. The table right next to the window that allows her to see the park. Of course no ones at the park on a day like this but the grey sky tends to calm her as the brownish leaves flow in the frigid wind.

She lets out a small sigh as she brings the hot liquid up to her lips for the first time. She feels a warmth travel down into her stomach and she's calm. Maybe this is what she needed all along.

She's soon ripped out of her thoughts by the little bell ringing at the door. She stiffens at the new costumer.

He catches her eye and is quick to make his way to her small table.

"How did you know I was here?" She ask quietly as he sits across from her.

"You always come here. I obviously know where my best friend likes to go to get coffee." He says with a smile causing her to smile.

"You haven't been answering your phone." He says bluntly. Her chest rises and falls with the big breath she takes in and lets out. "I just wanted to be left alone Grayson." She says honestly.

"Just because your boyfriend broke up with you doesn't mean you have to sulk." He says with a sigh. This sets her off in a way but she's too fed up with everything to fight.

"I knew you wouldn't understand." She mutters looking out the window.

"Yeah you're right. I don't understand. I don't understand why you're so upset over a dick head like him." He says somewhat angrily.

(Y/N)'s taken back by Grayson's reaction. He's always the calm one. Where's this coming from?

"You deserve better." He mutters looking down at his hands. "Yeah Like i would be lucky enough to find someone better." She scoffs.

Grayson's head shoots up and he locks eyes with her. He always loved her eyes. He found himself getting lost in them all the time.

"I would treat you better." He says barely above a whisper. He didn't expect to admit all of this to her. Not here and definitely not now.

"Grayson I-" she starts because of how unsure she is of all of this. She did have a thing for Grayson a while ago but she pushed it to the back of her mind because she never thought it possible. "Come on." He says standing up quickly, pushing his chair under the table.

She lifts her drink up from the table and hesitantly follows Grayson out of the door.

"Where are we going exactly?" She ask knitting her eyebrows together. "My house." He says with a shrug, opening up his car door.

She climbs into the passenger's seat and there's a strange tension floating through the vehicle. It's not awkward but it's intense. Nothing she's ever experienced before. Especially with him.

After a tense car ride Grayson's quick to get out of the car. (Y/N) follows him, still unsure of herself.

She's been to his house several times but this time she was nervous. She thought maybe it was the weird tension in the car making her feel like this.

Grayson swings the door open and (y/n) follows him. She turns and closes the door gently. When she turns back around to face Grayson he's inches away from her.

Her breath hitches at the lack of space. She doesn't have much time to protest as Grayson grabs both sides of her face and crashes his lips onto hers.

Both of their hearts race to an unhealthy extent. They've both wanted this. Maybe they didn't take it into consideration very often but they've been waiting for this for a long time.

"Jump." He growls against her lips. She listens. No ones ever set her whole body on fire like this and she wants more. She wants all he can give her.

He grabs the backs of her thighs and she wraps her legs around his waist. The kiss intensifies and they know where this is going.

Never in a thousand years would she ever think she'd be sleeping with Grayson but she's loving every minute of it. She's thriving off the feeling he's giving her.

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