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  Kirsten walks up shaking because Awsten Knight scares her shitless along with Geoff and Otto. She can barely handle the gifts her hands are holding. She hands Awsten the gifts and they included: Awsten's favorite candy,a bunch of cut-out hearts with nice things on it, and socks. Geoff got legend of Zelda and Otto got beanies. Awsten doesn't care about the gifts at first; his eyes go straight to her Michael Scott faces shirt. "Dude, I love your shirt", he says with the biggest smile on his face wow this man is beauty itself. He finally takes the gifts, says thank you, and gives her a hug. What a man. She hands Geoff the crowns to wear, and gets the poster and literally hopes to god she's not shaking too much so they can siGn. Awsten signs last because he's still loving the shirt. He says, "I gotta rewatch it again" She laughs and puts the poster down and gives Awsten the biggest hug because he's a sweetheart. Kirsten tells them she didn't have a pose in mind because I know she didn't wanna waste their time explaining hers, but Awsten's idea was adorable so fuck it. She moves on and her mom goes up. She shows them my art she drew on her wall and Awsten goes to her and gives her another hug. While her mom takes her picture with the 'I came to see waterbottles' poster,  she hears someone yell, " AwsTEN YOUR BAND SUCKS ASS AND YOU SHOULD EAT MINE LMAO." Everyone is shocked. Awsten's head snAPS towards the voice. You can hear the sound of his neck cracking. No one has never seen him so mad. He yells, " FuCK YOU YOU PIECE OF TR A SH." His eyes turn red and everyone backs away with fear in their eyes. He starts screaming in pain and falls to the ground. Everyone is covering their ears, because his screaming busts eardrums. Carter, who's on the stage, yells and his eyes roll back in to his head. His ears stream blood. The same happens to mulitple people. The remaining  heads turn back to Awsten. Otto and Geoff are gone, they ran away in to the back. Awsten back slowly becomes deformed and cracks. His skin starts bruising in multiple places. His fingernails grow sharp and long and his hair turns back in to the brown and blonde sideburns. He looks two, but that's not the point right now. His body is fucking changing and bleeding. People have tried to leave the masquerade but the doors are locked. Awsten's body finally stops, he looks drained of any energy he had. Then all of a sudden, " Yo man your band still sounds like pigs dying." Awsten fucking launches himself at the voice. He doesn't even know who it is, but he tears into the body ripping it to shreds {(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)}. When he's done his body starts growing back into his old form. Except the hair stays. He wakes up on the ground: confused and drained. He slowly sits up and sees all the dead bodies around him. His face turns into fear and shock before he sees the body infront of him: a mangled Travis. He  screams and cries. Kirsten is still frozen to her spot and still alive somehow. He holds pieces of Travis' body in his arms and blows on it. His mangled body glows blue and starts to reform. Travis wakes up in his bed, sweating. "Not that dream again." He gets out of bed and opens his bathroom door. He splashes his face with water on his face. He looks at the mirror. It's Awsten's bruised face with red eyes, and that's the last thing he sees.

The End.

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