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Simon: omg luke you just saved my life , thank you
Luke:Simon WTH are you doing at this time in the woods
Simon: Magnus was looking for some ingredients,so I decided to help him and get some
Luke:you do realize you could of get killed !it's not safe for you. you're a mondane !
Simon:but I just wanted to help (as he lend his head down in sadness)
Luke:I Know Simon but it's too dangerous for you !
-simon was really sad,the fact that he was worthless between all his friends, so he decided to change him self to a downworlder ,he went after word to a dark cave in the woods where he found 2vamps feeding on some animals .soon as they sow him they start to approach him ready slow with the thirst look in their eyes-
Vamps: look at that a fresh meal (smirk) lucky me .
Simon:hi guys,I want to be a vampire can you help me with that ?
Vamps: OH, but miss our dinner , that's not fair for us . I don't get this chance everyday .
Simon: guys please,I swear I'll be worth the wait !
Vamps: but you're worth the taste even more .
- the vamps jumped at him sucking every part of his body ! Not leaving a drop clear . Till both of them get punched and throuwn into the wall by a black haired vampire
Rapheal: (yelling) sucking human dry is against the law , you'll be punished for this, I'll slay your necks if the mondane doesn't make it ,you better pray he does you good for nothing idiots .
Rapheal: it's ok mondane.you'll be fine I'll take you to the clave, wait NO I can't I'll take you to my house.
Simon: (in pain, heavy breath) hi there, aren't you the guy or vamp who tried to eat me earlier?
Rapheal: I'm so sorry mi amigo , you'll be fine (as he carried him in his arms)
Simon: ok,I do can you please do me a favor ?
Rapheal: just wait till we arrive home.
- Rapheal took Simon to this house (durm hotel) and layed him on his bed)
Rapheal: there you go Mondane. You asked me for a favor? What is it?

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