six mississippi

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hailey: hiya

finn: no.

hailey: well that is certainly v v rude.

finn: yeah i know

hailey: wow someone is on their period.

finn: AM NOT

hailey: whatever

hailey: anyways

finn: no.

hailey: i— :(

finn: i know what you're gonna say and the answer is no.

finn: i dont hate you but i dont like you either

hailey: 10 questions?

finn: i thought it was 21 questions.

hailey: I dont think you would last 21.

finn: 🙄

hailey: 1: favorite color on me

finn: what?

hailey: i mean, i kinda like blue, or maybe pink

finn: ...

hailey: 2: what hairstyle curly or straight

finn: vhailey, i think um...

hailey: i think curly

hailey: okay 3: flats or wedges

finn: ??

hailey: flats would be okay im gonna do flats

hailey: okay 4

finn: hailey i like you

hailey: 4: eyeliner or none? i mean i like eyeliner but what if i mess up? then i get mad like that dude with green hair when he was doing his makeup

finn: HAILEY

hailey: ok i like you too

hailey: have you noticed that you havent answered any of my questions

finn: what

hailey: what

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