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   One morning, I awoke to find myself in the midst of a deserted area. A place, where some bare bricks stood hardly forming the shape of walls. A greasy atmosphere, with the black smoke wrecking the environment.

   The suffocation made me choke. I was clueless as the place where I laid asleep the night before, and the place I awoke resembled by no means. I ran all over seeking my loved ones but all I could see is the black tinge pervading my surroundings.

   I was breathless to see the clear blue sky, the trees, and the people; indeed, I craved for the beautiful world. However, my search couldn’t lead me anywhere. Nothing, except the gray ashes, the ruined structures, could be found.

   “Did everything vanish in thin air?” was the only thought that rolled in my mind. My stomach churned, my heart became heavy, as I stood alone. I felt to have darted back to the days when the Earth bore no life.

   Suddenly, in a jiffy, stood before me a man in withered rags. He wore a strange grin in his face, which, for a moment, I mistook to be a benign smile. But the rags could not be a foil for the man in it. He rather looked like a man of some importance who, due to some mishap, was led to his present condition.

   I was about to pour my questions on him but was confounded by his sudden mystified laughter. A laugh that seemed to reflect victory of some sort. I could not make out what it was for, as I was not in a position to even curve a smile on my face. While I was buried in my lost thoughts, he sighed and uttered the five words, at the peak of his voice which shook my mind –“The World Is Mine Now.”

   I stood there, utterly speech bound, staring at his face while he continued speaking. “I survivor, everyone destroyed, no one stand before me. I reign, I rule, I, the sole king of the world.” A different sort of English, yet I managed to have a handle on it. Now the reality began to sink in and I knew where I stood. I stood before the world’s greatest oppressor. The violence of nuclear energy, the continuous wars etc. etc. had resulted in THIS? A deserted world with nothing left. The beautiful planet landed up to be a heap of ruins? These incessant ponderings sapped me and I fainted.

   At once my eyes opened to find myself on the ground and as I gaped all around I realized that I fell off from my bed and fortunately, all that was a dream. But can’t this dream be true? I leave this for You, to answer.


This is something I had written in my school days, so may not be a great piece. But it was my first published piece, in my school mag ofcourse :). So it's dear to me even today.

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