what happens if you call 666?

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Everyone knows what happens if you call 666 right? You just here a female voise say "Your cannot be completed as dial. Please check the number a dial again."
Its says the same shit over and over again. All the videos are fake about calling (666)666-6666 ALL THE VIDEOS ARE FAKE. But the real question is.....
Can you actually talk to the Devil?
The answer is...Yes!
Now all of you might say that I am just a 13 year old that says shit just to look cool but trust me....I have been a Satanist for a year...I know what I am doing with my life....😂
Yes you CAN actually talk to the Devil, but I know you will ask
Well I WILL TELL YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!HERE!! In this book.....in this site....in this planet.....in this dimension.....

Things you will need!!
You ( oh wow didn't know that...)

How the fuck you will do it:
If you call the number 666, six hundred and sixty six times...( that will take about 3 hours...but its worth it!) You will get the same shit! But she/he will tell to stay on the line...If you stay on the line you will hear the female bitch say "You have called the number, 666. Plead stay on the line."
Then after a couple of minutes you will get a call from the number " 6 6 6"
Then you will hear a kid say..." Hello? Can you help? Please...I'm lost..." That. Is the Devil making talking to you.
The voice that you will hear will be:
Girl 5
Girl 11
Boy 9
Boy 11
( I think I'm not completely sure ;-;)

Now if you call the number 666...six hundred and sixty six time....you will receive a call from the Devil.....So....I will see you in Hell :)

By the way this is something that I found from the channel Don't Turn Around! Go subscribe to him he is awesome!!


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