Best Friends

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Well it all seems so pointless

I don't even talk to you anymore

I never really see you around either

It was just a wave when we walked in the hall

But even then you looked the other way

You say you don't have time to hang out with me

Yet you always have time with others

And you don't ever remember what I say

Not once have you asked how I've been

You just talk about your petty problems

It's like you don't want me around

Though you say its not true, that you enjoy our friendship

Well if its true than why do you always ignore me

 I don't even know you anymore

Your a stranger to me now

Did you know you forgot my name once, my own name

It was in accident you said, that you never meant to hurt me

But it still hurts either way

You say we're best friends

Best friends forever

Tell me, do friends always forget each other

Or is it just your new way to show you care 

If you even did care about me

I thought that we were like family

I would have done anything for you

But now you treat me like I'm no body

I should hate you, but I don't

Because your still my best friend in my memories

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