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It was the last day of school, and the air was warm and the sun was beaming

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It was the last day of school, and the air was warm and the sun was beaming.

Layla Steel walked around the halls, her converse hitting the floor. She watched Greta, the school bitch, go into the bathroom where she knew someone was hiding.

A girl named Beverly Marsh. She had long red hair, and freckles. According to everyone Beverly was a slut, but Layla knew better.  After all, Beverly was a best friend of hers. Layla was Bev's only friend.

Layla marched towards the bathroom, where she heard Greta's voice screeching insults. Layla walked in and saw Greta kicking at the bathroom door.

''Watch it Greta, or your man-like strength will bust the door down. That's if your breath doesn't do it first.'' Layla snapped at the girl.

''Aw, look at that Beaver-ly. Your only friend is here. She's probably a slut like you too.'' Greta taunted.

''Why would we have the reputation of you?" Layla retorted, watching her friend fill the trash up with water.

Greta got close to Layla's face, but the brunette didn't back down or flinch.

''I'm not scared of you, Greta. Not you or your wannabe clique. Personally, you all are a bunch of bitches who peaked in high-school.''

''You little bitch-'' Greta started, but was cut off when her friend had dumped the trash bag full of water into the first stall.

Greta wore a proud smirk and pushed pass Layla, ''Enjoy your summer, sluts.''

Once her goons were gone, Beverly stepped out of the stall. Her book-bag was her shield against the attack. Beverly gave Layla a soft smile. ''Thanks,''

Layla smirked, ''She's lucky I didn't say anything about her fucked up teeth.''

Beverly let out a laugh and linked her arm with Layla and they exited the bathroom together.

They had walked out the side of the school, where they had run into some chubby kid holding onto a project and his bike. Layla remembered his name was Ben, and he had just moved here.

Beverly obviously had no idea who he was, ''Are you gonna let us go by? Or is there a secret password or something?"

''Sorry,'' Ben said before dropping his project. His project broke into pieces and he had also dropped his bike. Layla immediately bent down and was picking up the pieces, and handed them to him.

Once he recollected himself, Beverly spoke. ''Henry and his goons are over at the west entrance. So you should be fine.''

''I wasn't-'' He began.

''Everyone knows he's looking for you,'' Layla added. ''He won't attack without his friends.''

Beverly walked towards Ben. ''Whatcha listening to?" She grabbed his headphones gently and smiled, ''New Kids on the Block.''

Layla gave the boy a huge smile. ''No fucking way. I love them!''

''Wait a minute, you're the new kid right? Now I get it,'' Beverly smiled kindly.

''There's nothing to get,''

''She's messing with you, Ben,'' Layla said, gently hitting his arm.

''Wait, you know who I am?" Ben asked.

Layla laughed at him, ''Of course! You're in our social studies class. I'm Layla Steel and this is Beverly Marsh.''

''I'm Ben, as you know, but everyone calls me..'' He trailed off.

''The new kid. There's worse things to be called,'' Beverly said, and Layla knew exactly what she meant.

To brighten the mood, Layla saw the yearbook sitting in the front of his bag. ''I wanna sign this,'' She felt her heart go heavy as the pages were blank. No one has signed his yearbook.

She let Beverly sign first, then Beverly gave the book to Layla. When Layla was writing her name, she added hearts, and she didn't notice the new kid staring at her deeply.

She offered him a smile, ''Stay cool, Ben from Soc class.''

Beverly gave Ben a smile as well, and the smile was full of warmness and kindness. ''See ya,''

Ben watched as the two females walked away from him, and he couldn't get one of the them off his mind.

Layla was walking into her house when she noticed Richie Tozier doing the same. They were neighbors, best friends, and she had gotten her foul mouth from him.

''You look like you're in a hurry,'' Layla commented.

''Hotness! Hey! You got plans for tonight? No? Good because you're coming with me and the gang.'' Richie said, a proud smirk resting on his face. His thick glasses made Layla laugh.

''What kind of mischief are you planning?"

''We're going to find Betty Ripsom.''

''Holy fuck, that's morbid as hell.''

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