~Rayne | The First of Many Mistakes~

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So I'm terribly indecisive and have finally come to the conclusion that Adelaide Kane would be an outstanding actress to picture Rayne as. I've also created a new book cover and changed the name of this story. Please tell me how you lovely people feel about it! Your feedback means the world to me and all of the votes and comments are so amazing! Thank you all so much!

Anyway, without further ado, on with the next chapter.

"You have no right to speak to me in such a manner, Jon Snow." Rayne seethed viciously. She watched as Jon's intoxicated face turned from annoyance to self hatred and regret.

"Rayne, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have-" the boy she currently loathed spoke regretfully and stood in front of her.

"Don't. Don't you dare try to speak with me. Not after what you just said." she angrily stormed away from him, out the great hall doors and to the courtyard.

The air was cold enough that she could see her own breath everytime she exhaled and feel the cold nip at her insides as she inhaled. Her throat, dry from the chill, were unlike her eyes that were filled with fury, hatred even, and crowned with tears. She bit her lip so hard, trying not to cry, she could taste the iron in her blood as her relentless pressure from her teeth broke the skin. She welcomed the pain as it was much more bearable than the emotional agony she felt in that moment. Rayne knew she had a tendency to overreact, the consistency of her ability to react disproportionately even annoyed her at times, but in this moment, all sense of propriety was thrown on the ground and crushed beneath her feet. Jon had been the one person she relied on since her stay in Winterfell and it amazed her how even someone she loves turns into a complete cunt from time to time.

The only sound made was the bitter frost crunching beneath her as she solemnly strolled through the courtyard. Her tears remained as silent as ever and not even a gasp escaped passed her lips. She welcomed the silence, enjoyed it even, seeing as how the feasting hall was bursting with clamour. All good things must come to an end, however, and Rayne's tranquillity was disturbed by the castle doors opening and the noise from inside pouring out into the sleepless night. Humming was heard along with faint footsteps and Rayne kept her back facing towards the intruder. She vigorously wiped her face to free it from the film of tears that had accumulated on her cheeks before she turned to the person right as the doors closed again. She had expected to see Jon or even Robb, but instead found the imp, Tyrion Lannister, standing and staring at her.

He was intoxicated as well, being such a small man surely meant having a lower wine tolerance, and he stumbled about trying to gather himself together. He stood a slight bit below breast level to Rayne, considering she was no giant herself, and had blond locks much like his older brother. They were tousled and curled, most probably completely matted, and framed his face messily as he looked at Rayne with bloodshot eyes.

"What is a lady such as yourself doing out here in the cold?" he slurred his words so that way they almost seemed incomprehensible, "You should be. . . What was I saying again?"

Rayne let out a small giggle at his dubiety and confusion, still keeping her distance slightly. She looked to the man in front of her and saw no threat for herself. She saw a man with troubles, like everyone else, but his seemed less materialistic. For a man so rich and powerful, he didn't let his power drive him insane like the previous king did or the one that wears the crown now.

"Would you like some?" he gestured and thrusted his flagon of wine towards her. She wanted to say no to avoid the hypocrisy of her fear, she wanted to retire to her chambers for the night and sleep her anger away, but instead, she wordlessly accepted his offer and pressed the flagon to her lips, cringing as the wine ran down her throat. Rayne couldn't fully hide her distaste and cringed and coughed after she gulped down the unwanted liquid. The flavor was pungent yet sweet, she couldn't fathom becoming obsessed with it, but the danger of it all sent her back for more.

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