Mindless Behavior Love Story 2012 !

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Mindless Behavior Love Story

Getting ready for rehearsal

Georgia- man yall take forever to get ready to rehearse

Alandra- well I always have to look good

Georgia- anyways is yall ready or what

ALL- yes

The music starts and we start to dance. Ne’Aiyra does the two pounder and falls. Alandra runs and pauses the music.

Alandra- how did you fall? We can’t put this video on you tube if you don’t know how to watch were you are stepping.

Chanel- Im with alandra. We need to get our stuff together. The auditions are in 3 days. We need to put in work

Nene- im sorry ok. Georgia was all up on my feet

Gege- umm no why is you even trying to lie

They all start arguing and alandra yells



Landra starts the music and they finish rehearsal

Nene- ugh im so hungry

Chanel- lets go get some food.

Gege- im feelin it

We all leave to go find some food. So we are walking down the streets of south central LA

Gege- Man it’s so nice today.

ALL- I know right

Gege’s POV

So we are walking down the street trying to find some place to eat then all of a sudden someone bumps into me. I am so pissed I don’t even bother looking up to see who it is I just started yelling in their face

Me- are you serious. You act like you can’t watch were you are going. Why do you think god gave you eyes? I-

I stop mid- sentence and look up. I notice that ray ray from mindless behavior is standing in front of me… I was so speechless I didn’t know what to say.

Ray ray- oh my gosh im so sorry

Me- oh my gosh. Your ray ray from mindless behavior

Alandra- um I think he knows that Georgia

Ray ray- are you ok

I stood there in silence just staring in his beautiful eyes

Chanel- umm hello earth to Georgia. Say something girl

Me- ooh im sorry I bumped into you. I should have been watching were I was going

Ray ray- naw its ok it’s my fault

The rest of mindless behavior walks up behind ray ray.

Prodigy- yo we need (stops in mid sentence) whoa who are these beautiful ladies right here.

Roc royal- yea who are they

Ray ray- um yea im sorry I forgot to catch you guy’s name. And you are

Me- im Georgia

Ne’Aiyra- and im Ne’Aiyra

Prodigy- wow that’s a really pretty and unique name Ne’Aiyra

Nene- (blushing) thnx

Princeton- and you are (he says kissing alandras hand)

Landra- im alandra

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