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so i'm always listening to music and i listen to a lotta songs.

here are my current faves:

dear prudence by the beatles

obviously the beatles are overrated, but they're overrated for a reason and that reason is that they make really fucking good music. this song is so sweet and so catchy and i love the beatles i could listen to them all day.

thunderstruck/you shook me all night long by ac/dc

these 2 songs are such great bops!! amazing!! pure rock n roll!! great songs to dance to and aggressively head bang to. ac/dc are really fucking amazing.

orange crush by rem

rem is so good i still need to get fully into them, but this song is about the vietnam war and it's really catchy and i like how michael stipe sings in this song and the guitar riff and the instrumental part. it's a pretty amazing tune.

warsaw/leaders of men/digital/transmission by joy division

substance is such an underrated album. it shows the more punk side of joy division and it's very raw and more aggressive than unknown pleasures. it's kind of weird y'know because it's just so different from unknown pleasure but i fucking love it. listen to substance.

goodbye yellow brick road by elton john

if it wasn't for fabi, i don't think i would've discovered this song. fabi and i were talking about how nostalgic it is. it reminds me of going from a child to a teenager and just how fast time goes by. elton john has such an iconic voice and his songs are touch my heart.

the boy with the perpetual nervousness by the feelies

this song is so 80's new wave (one of the best genres of music). idk why but it kind of makes me nostalgic but not about my childhood, more like nostalgic about my freshman/sophomore year of high school. i like how different it is. i like the guitar riffs and the drums and it's a pretty chill song to me.

everybody wants to rule the world/shout/head over heels/mothers talk by tears for fears

boy oh boy i've been listening to tears for fears for basically the entirety of my summer. songs from the big chair is such a phenomenal album. i love each and every song on that album. and i love how ewrw is about 1984 by george orwell and my favorite part is the, "there's a room where the light won't find you..." part and shout is pretty punk lyric wise and head over heels is such a soft song and mothers talk makes me dance. fr though, do yourself a huge ass favor and listen to this album. you won't regret it.

harmony in my head by the buzzcocks

i've also been listening to the buzzcocks since the summertime i really love single going steady there's a bunch of other songs in that album that are also Bops and i used to listen to them extensively during the summer. this song is also very punk i love how he goes from soft yelling in the verses and then like singing softly in the chorus. what a beautiful transition.

sad girl by lana del rey

just like every other lana song, this song is pure sad girl aesthetic. i love how she sings about being sad and men and money because i agree. i love how high she goes when she sings. it's so melodic. she sings like an angel. i still haven't finished listening to lust for life but i'll try to do that real soon.

juicy/big poppa/hypnotize by notorious big

i've always said that i would get into biggy, but i didn't until a few weeks ago. i'm so glad that i finally got into him i've been missing out on so much. he's one of my top favorite rappers now.

doo wop by lauryn hill

always said that i'd listen to this song and never did until recently. i love it!! i love how she makes it for both genders too and i love how she softly sings in the chorus and is rapping in the verses. wow i can't believe i just now listened to this.

love my way by the psychedelic furs

pure 80s!! so soft and a good song to dance to!! it's very catchy and it gets stuck in my head a lot!!

hong kong garden by siouxsie & the banshees

i dance to this song every single time i listen to it!! it's such a good song i know that thurston moore named this song as one of his all-time favorite songs and i agree.

teen age riot/dirty boots by sonic youth

very angsty!! i feel like sonic youth is kind of underrated but they're so good. i love how they don't really need to yell to sound punk. their lyrics are punk enough.

burning down the house by talking heads

this song also makes me dance (so many songs make me dance) and the talking heads make such fantastic bops like psycho killer and life during wartime. i need to get into them more.

always the sun by the stranglers

this song makes me so happy it makes me feel like i'm sitting on top of the sun and staring down at the entire universe. it makes me feel like i'm full of yellow!! i love how soft it is.

so, there you go guys. there's probably a bunch more songs but i can't think of anymore songs and i'm pretty tired and i have to wake up in 4 hours so i better go to sleep. see ya later!

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