New and Improved?

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Horray! The community book has returned! And it's better than ever!

Now with:

☆Spotlight: Writer of the Week☆ (not including the winners of the #ABA competitions)

♡Reccomendations for apps/websites, anime, manga, youtubers and light novels!♡

♤Account shoutouts!♤

♧Q&As with your favourite anime authors on the platform♧

♡Discussions on anime and manga (seasonal and older shows(we'll give a spoiler warning before, don't worry!))◇

FAQs and community discussions- comment based forums on in here! Just post an important and relevant question that couldn't be answered by the Advice- In The Form Of Rants book, but can answered by other members, as well as helpful- unless it is specific to your book (how to progress or develop characters who act a certain way). Feel free to ask away on any chapter~

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