Chapter 1- My first week (I shall have more soon)

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The time I decided to spend at the Phantomhive manor, I will never forget. Oh, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Elizabeth Phantomhive, my cousin being Ciel. I decided to visit, especially because I had been away when his parents had died a fatal death.I leaned my head against the window of my carriage, my mind lost in thought; the only thing bringing me back to earth was the sudden stop from my carriage, telling me we were at my destination. I opened the door and carefully climbed out, and squinted my bright blue eyes from the sun and looked towards the front doors. A suspicious man stood there, and I gave a confused look in that direction. The man started down the stairs, and as he made his way to me, my legs began to feel weak. He had wonderful, mysterious red eyes, and the way he walked was as though he were floating.

“You must be Elizabeth.” Said the man, and held out his hand to me. “Ciel has been waiting for you in his study.”

I hesitated, but stood tall, “And who might you be?” I asked, wanting to know who this mysteriously beautiful man was.

“Ah, it seems I have forgotten to introduce myself, I am Sebastian, the butler of the Phantomhive manor, and have been serving Ciel for quite some time, since his parents’ death to be exact.” He explained, a devilish grin playing upon his lips. 

I chuckled, “And you have survived?” I asked, jokingly. 

Sebastian looked down at his hand, the one extended to me, “Shall we go inside?” He asked, keeping his hand extended towards me.

I still hesitated, unsure of this man, but I lay my hand in his. “How is my dear cousin doing?” I asked, “After his parents’ death and all.” I said, shaking my head slightly. “It’s all so sad, their death, and Ciel surviving.” I said, “And all on his birthday, what a pity.” I felt tears coming and blinked them back. No tears today, just happiness.

“Your cousin has been hard at work, Elizabeth, there’s no need to worry.” Sebastian said as we walked through the door.

I looked at him, as he led me through many different hallways, his movements flowed perfectly. He must’ve noticed me watching him, because he chuckled, “Do you see something you like?” He asked, smiling.

I blushed, “I was only wondering…are you real?” I asked, curiosity filling my voice.

Sebastian stopped suddenly, so sudden that I tried to keep walking, but our hands were still intertwined. So I had stumbled a bit, and within seconds, I felt a hand in the curve of my back, supporting me. Then I saw Sebastian’s face, so close to mine, “Only if you want me to be.” He said, his devilish smile returning to his lips.

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