Building Team 10

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Jake (J)
Erika (E)

Jake's pov

Today was the day that my dreams come true. It was 6 a.m and I was getting ready and then I started my vlog for the day. GOOOOOODDDDDD MOOOORRRRNNNIIIIINNNNGGGG JAKE PAULERS!  I hope your smiling I hope your working hard I hope your dabbing on the hatters and if your new here I'm Jake Paul and I'm a vloggeeerrr bro (I had to switch his intro a little bit so it would go with the story sorry) Let do that thannnggg! After I introduced my vlog I texted Erika to see when she wanted me to pick her up and what the addresses was.

(Text messages)
J: Hey are you up?
E: Yeah what's up
J: Nothing what time should I pick you up? And what's the address?
E: You can come get me in 15 minutes and the address is 85 *********** *******.
J: Ok thx see you soon bye 👋🏼
E: Bye

Erika's pov

Today I woke up to Jake texting me. He's coming to pick me up in 15 minutes. So I got dressed and brush my teeth and had time left so I played on my phone.

(15 minutes later)

J: *knock knock*
E: Hey jake you ready?
J: Yeah.

Erika's pov

When I answered the door I saw Jake and I thought to myself he looks so hot today he probably has a girlfriend though. 😕

Jake's pov

When Erika opened that door I got butterflies in my stomach she looked so beautiful like she did everyday. But I can't be with her I have a girlfriend and she probably has a boyfriend. We get in the car and I start to tell her about the house I found.

J: So last night I found a house you wanna go check it out?
E: Really! Yeah let's go

(5 minutes later)

Erika's pov

We got to the house and me and jake agreed that this was the house! Later on that night I moved into the room downstairs then ended up falling asleep.

Jake's pov

When we got to the house we agreed that this was the move. So I took the master bedroom and Erika took the downstairs bedroom. I finished unpacking and ordered some post mates then looked for Team 10 members. I found all these people who were willing to join and move in by tomorrow! Before I went to bed I called my two best friends from Ohio to see if they wanted to come join and they agreed! They said they'd be here in 2 days. I ended my vlog, edited, and went to bed.

HEY GUYS!!!! It's the author again I hope you enjoyed the second part the third part will be out soon!! 😊
K BYE 👋🏼


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