hi my name is wednesday..the story im about to tell you is about the three times i met death.


the first time:

me and my brother were driving at night on a moutian road.when we came to the end it was red for one side but a driver didnt see it and t-boned my side of the door tiping our car over.my brother got out,but i was pinned.when i was out unconcious i saw in the dreamed a clocked figure with a staff.i woke up fast.i saw two men hovering over me.had i died? my brother picked me up in a hug. that was the first encounter with death


the second:

last summer i was at camp and we were asked to save a drowing person.my partener was the girl that hated me.i was asked to jump in and pretned to drownd.well i can swim and the counsler made me.the mintue i when under the other girl didnt come after me.i floated down to the bottem of the lake.there aging i had the dream.but suddenly i felt something hard unerneth me and i woke up,and saw my counsler staring at me.had i died? she helped me to my cabbin.


the third: a few months ago i got really sick..before the third time i faced death my final tempature was 108.8. i remeber lying down and falling asleep then i had that dream aging but during it a white figure seemd to push the creature away.then i woke up in a hospital bed.


after the third time i never had the dream aging, i belive i had died but then was sent back its not my time,death dosnt need me and it wont get me

                                                                 The End?

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