Last Day

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Ellie Cooper is someone everyone knows in Riverdale.

There isn't anything to remember her by but her kindness. She'a adored by all, even Cheryl Blossom, which is weird, to be honest , but with Jason's and Polly's relationship, to be discovered, and his further death, things start to change. Even all the kindness in the world wouldn't be enough to keep Ellie away from the darkness to come.

It's the last day of summer holidays. A lot had happened that summer, good things, bad things. It is mostly known by the time when most secrets are born, and a lot of them were.

The Coopers are quietly eating dinner. But, clearly, it's difficult to have one meal in this house without ending it with one of them abruptly leaving the room. So this time is no different.

"You still have that?" Alice's eyes are in her daughter's wrist when she asked the question with an accusative tone.

"Yes, I told you. It's special." Ellie tells her. "Jason might have done whatever you say he did to Polly but he was still my friend."

"Jason wasn't a good company and –."

"Mom, honestly, not even after he's gone..." She shakes her head in disbelief. "I thought we had moved past this but, clearly, I was wrong."

Ellie stands up from her seat and without looking back, she walks up the stairs to her room. Betty watches as her sister walks away with sadness written all over her, and she feels sorry.

After Betty finishes her dinner and manages to escape her parents, she finds herself knocking on Ellie's door. The blonde opens it when no answer comes, and finds her sister sitting in her own bed while looking down at the small bracelet around her wrist with sorrow.

"I'm sorry about Mom, I –."

"It's ok." Ellie stops her, and shrugs. "I'm used to it."

Betty walks further into the room. "We're in this together. Like always."

Ellie looks up, finally facing her sister. She has a small smile on her face and its clearly that she's doing her best to comfort her. But all Ellie can feel is guilt, it's always here reminding her of what she had done. It's an overwhelming weight that is crushing her heart, weather she really deserves it or not.

"You know, I'm going out with Archie and maybe you'd like to –."

"No, no." Ellie stands up right away. "This is your time. I know how much you've been wanting to tell him about your feelings, so... I wouldn't want to ruin that."

"Do you think he likes me back?" Betty smiles, hopeful or maybe just delusional.

Ellie swallows, a knot forming in her stomach. The question wondering in the air, an anxious blonde looking her away.

"You won't know until you try, right?" She turns it around, the best way she can.

"I guess."

"Kevin is more into these kind of things, to be honest." Ellie shrugs. "If you heard anything he told you earlier today, you're probably on the right path."

Betty laughs at her sister's words.

Suddenly, a glance at Ellie, right in front of her, and Betty feels bad for being so excited. Ellie is probably staying home, all alone with their crazy family and she's going out with their friend. How is that fair?

"Are you staying home?"

"Where else would I go?" She replies. "I could call Kevin but he's probably busy with some random guy, anyway."

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