Life of a lie

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I couldn't stop running or they would get to me and try to kill me or take me back to that hellish place.  They would experiment and torture me some more until I finally cracked. I ran to the water my only escape and I dove...

2 months later...

I  finally decided to go back to living on land.  I guess I do need to see if my notoriety has died down.  So I swam to the beach, the beach that I escaped from those doctors two months ago on.  I remembered diving into the chilly December water and I instantly was warm and welcome under the cold water.  I was welcomed by all water types and my own kind Vaporeons...  I am a failed clone of a human with vaporeon abilities.  I got too many of the abilities, I got the tail, the fish like ears, but I did get the ability to breath underwater without gills, and two toned eyes, a warm comfy violet eye like most vaporeons have and a dark piercing silverish like my "mother" I was cloned from.

We were made by a human woman and a male vaporeon.  I am the only clone of a vaporeon there is alive in this world. I knew a sweet caring leafeon in the hellish place under a pokemon center in cherry grove city, and I will go back to get her once I am strong enough.


Hope u guys enjoy the prolog , I will have fun with this book sooo.. silver fans u will luv dis book.

If u dunno who silver is u suck and u should read "I hate every thing about you" JKING JKING ut seriously read dat book and u'll understand dis book a whole lot more.

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